Many soldiers in Australia & New Zealand Army Corps,

On the 25th of April 1915, in the War

(That was meant to end them all) set out to help the Allies gain

In the Dardanelles, a fighting chance to free the shipping lane.

When they thought decisive victory might have been within their reach,

They discovered they had landed on a well-defended beach.

At Gallipoli, they faced the cliffs, and knew they had to dig

Out some trenches for protection; with new plans to jerry rig.

So some several thousand people gave their lives to keep us free.
We've remembered them and others ever since; and like to see

Great commemoration marches, when surviving families wear

Treasured medals of their loved ones, with strong feelings flowing there.

No-one celebrates those times with bullets, bayonets and tanks.

But the people clap and cheer, and hold up signs conveying thanks

For those ANZACs who were daunted, when that cove was fortified.

Both sides' brav'ry is recalled by those who've come from either side.

There are other wars remembered at this time, but soon the day

Will arrive, when we will have eternal peace, with snakes at bay;

And the lions lying down with lambs, while everyone who chose

A relationship with God will see the door to troubles close.