This kind of wretchedness to humanity never seems to end

The picturesque sight of a lifeless corpse propped in a broken down house

The body laying faced down naked in frigid air, the arms torn and ripped,

The torso down the feet slashed and painted with red

The blood splatter of the walls and floors seem to have a pattern

A beautiful puzzle splattered all over the room

This house placed and abandoned in the middle of the wilderness

Forgotten by society except by those monsters who prey on helpless victims and drag them here

Voices all around, buzzing in my ears on theories and thoughts of how this poor lost soul expired here

I want to give your soul peace and find the beast and slay it

No matter the life style choice, how hard you worked or even if you were well endowed

A human life should not be discarded in this fashion

The smell of iron fills the room, no other smell, over powering and distinct

Being used to this smell and not showing any kind of affliction, is that normal?

For now I have to throw these feelings away and find out what creature is capable of this

Dusting for fingers prints, collecting fibers, hair, skin cells, not leave anything overturned