Desired Destinations

You see it, don't you?
That you and I are destined to be?
It's so clear and so damn logical
The inevitability of it all is so simple
And yet so confounding
We'll last,
For forever and a day.
We'll climb summit after summit
And cross bridge after bridge
Dig wells, and build fences, and light fires
Together, we'll do all this and more, you and I;
Until there's nowhere to go
So we'll come to rest; hand in hand,
Shoulder to shoulder; side by side
And then you'll look into my eyes
I'll gaze into the depths of yours
And we'll see that the paths to our destinies
Intertwine, forming intricate patterns,
Leading, thankfully, to our desired destination.

Author's Note: This poem means a lot to me- it was written while studying Eliot's To The Indian Who Died In Africa.

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