is like a cool breeze flowing

through your hair.

The sun warming your cold skin.

Sweet fresh air filling your lungs.


soft grass beneath your feet.

The smell of sweets baking in the oven.

The beautiful sound of wind

tussling through the trees.


the cool refreshing breeze turns to

a blazing

FIRE scorches your skin.

The soft sunlight transforms to

hard rays that beat down on you,

adding more agonizing heat to

your burnt skin.


Burning flames.

Crumpling to the ground,

gasping for breath.

Love is cruel.

Love is difficult to bear.

The weight of the regret forces you

to the floor.

The cheating.


Loving memories.

They hit at once, as you watch her walk away.

Her hand holding another's.

Her sweet laughter echoing through your thoughts.

Ripping through the pain,

and the remorse.

Joy creeps through.

She was finally happy,

and that is all that matters.

You lay on the ground,

trapped in the hell inside your head.

The flames still ripping through flesh.

It seems like your heart slows with the sorrow of loss.

I was to late for apologies.

She was gone.

Your beautiful love,

was gone.

And it was all your fault.

Love is cruel.

Love is difficult to bear.

They say time heals all.

You know


flame of


will never