Robert McMaster had married his high school sweetheart just three years ago, but after the first year it seemed like they fought all the time. Divorce became a daily topic in their household, even though it killed Robert to talk about it.

Sabrina McMaster, formerly known as Sabrina Reeder, felt like she was ready for a divorce. Things weren't like she thought, and she didn't know how long she could take it. Besides a divorce might be good for them. Maybe they could still remain friends, or at least talk every now and then.

It was 2 in the afternoon and Sabrina was outside tanning. That's where she was most of the time. Sabrina was hardly ever in the same room that Robert was. Maybe that was for the best, but Robert ached to be with his wife, despite the everyday fighting.

Robert walked outside and sat next to Sabrina, but Sabrina looked away. She looked like she was disgusted with him. Robert looked at Sabrina and handed her a glass of water. With the disgusted look on her face, Sabrina denied the water and walked away.

Robert sat the glass of water down and went after Sabrina. "Where are you going? Why are you so mad at me?" Sabrina turned around and looked at him. "I'm tired of fighting with you! I'm tired of having to yell at you everyday." "Then stop yelling at me. I try and do sweet things for you, but you deny them and start a fight."

Sabrina glared at Robert and slammed her foot down. "I'm going to file for a divorce tomorrow. You want to know why I don't want to be with you anymore? Because I found someone a lot better than you!"

Robert was stunned to hear the news. Not only did Sabrina want a divorce, but she had found someone else to be with. Sabrina stomped out of the house and drove away. Robert, on the other hand, stayed in the exact same spot for a few minutes.

He couldn't believe what he had been told, and once he unfroze he walked straight up to his bedroom. He grabbed his phone and called his lawyer. He wanted to file for a divorce before she did. He wanted to be sure to get the house, and to get custody of their one year old daughter.

Robert McMaster was known as a workaholic, and Sabrina was the one that made him that way. She always told him that if he didn't work then they would get no where in life. Since highschool Robert always knew that he wanted to marry Sabrina, but now that he had he wondered if it was for the best.

At the beginning of their marriage, Robert tried spoiling her with necklaces, rings, and flowers. He even took her too expensive places when they went out to eat. Sabrina accepted it for a while, but then she stopped. She told him that she wanted him to stop. It was pointless using their money for things that they couldn't live off of. Now that Robert was a workaholic and rarely ever spent money on things that they wanted, Sabrina wanted him to spoil her. She wanted the flowers.

Robert was confused by Sabrina, but he didn't want to lose her. She was not only his wife, but also the mother of their child. Robert wanted to fix their marriage, but at this point it didn't seem like Sabrina felt the same way.

Maybe he didn't realize that he really did need to spoil his wife, but she told him not to. She told him to spend it on food, bills, and that kind of stuff. He didn't understand why Sabrina was leaving him.

The thought that Sabrina was with another man bother Robert quite a bit. He believed that she was the love of his life, but obviously he was not hers. He was heart broken and the only reason he had the slightest bit of happiness in his life was because of his daughter.

A year passed and Robert was now a completely single man. The judge granted Robert with the house, and custody of their child. Sabrina said that she would give Robert everything, she just wanted a divorce.

Robert was a wonderful father to Anna and he did everything in his power to treat her like a princess. If Sabrina didn't want to be spoiled by him then he would spoil his daughter. Sabrina had told Robert, and the judge, that he wanted nothing to do with Anna.

"Daddy I drew you this picture." Anna said as she wobbled into the living room. Robert smiled at the piece of paper that his two year old daughter had given him. Even though it was a bunch of scribbles, Robert loved it because it was from his daughter.

That was what Robert lived for now. Robert didn't want to remarry, and he didn't want to date anyone else. Robert knew that the only person that he needed in his life now was Anna. There was no hope for him and Sabrina, and in fact she hasn't even contacted to see her.

"Hey sweetie. Do you want to go swimming?" Robert asked as Anna's face lit up. She loved being in the water. Anna liked to pretend that she was a mermaid, and her dad was the king of the sea.

After getting dressed, and Anna getting swimmies on that way she could float, they ran for the pool. Robert jumped in and waited for his daughter to jump in after him. Once she did she began laughing.

Robert loved swimming with his daughter. He loved spending as much time with her as possible. They had the ideal father daughter relationship, and Robert wouldn't change it for the world.

As Anna grew up, her father's cancer began getting worse and worse. Anna still loved spending time with her father, and he would spend as much time as he could with her. Besides, Robert knew that he might end up passing away soon because the cancer was getting unbearable.

Robert went into the hospital in April of the last year of his life. Anna was devastated. She had just turned 18 and now her father was told that he only had a few weeks to live, they both feared that he would not live long enough to see her graduate.

May came quickly, and so did Anna's graduation. It was a miracle that Robert was still alive. The doctor even allowed Robert to go to his daughter's graduation, they knew how important it was too both of them.

Once the graduation was over they went back to the hospital. Anna and Robert were in his hospital room, when Anna decided to tell her father some big news. Anna was engaged to her high school sweetheart, Aaron Jones.

Robert knew that their marriage would work out, because he had raised Anna to be more like him than her mother. Robert knew Aaron pretty well, and he approved of Aaron.

Aaron then walked into the hospital room. "Did you tell him yet?" He asked as Robert looked at him. "Of course she did son!" He said as he motioned for Aaron to come over and give him a hug.

"I love you dad." Was the last thing that Robert heard before he passed away. Anna was beyond depressed that her best friend was now gone, but she thanked God for letting him stay for her graduation and for letting him know that she was engaged.

Her dad's funeral was the hardest thing that Anna had ever had to go through. It tore her to pieces, and Aaron was the one that comforted her.

Two years had passed and Anna was now married to Aaron. Not only were they married but they had a handsome son. They named him Robert, after Anna's father.

Robert looked down at Anna and kept her as safe as possible. He was proud of the person that she had begun, and she would always be his little girl.