The Trail

Leaves and flowers dance,

With the summertime breeze.

Reds, yellows, and greens make it impossible to just glance,

As I walk in the cool shade of the trees.

I come across two dirt trails.

To the left, a trail bathing in the sun's light,

Radiating beauty not to scale.

The walked trail is a pleasant sight.

To the right, on the other hand,

Light is obscured and weeds are tiny knives,

Ready to cut all those who tread its land,

Prepared to ruthlessly take lives.

Undeterred, I walk to the right.

I don't know where it leads,

But sometimes, one needs a little fight.

Adventure is something everyone needs.

I walk an hour or two along the trail,

Feet pounding against the nature torn dirt.

My legs begin to feel frail,

And my feet hurt.

The end of the trail is nearing.

The sound of rushing water fills the air,

And light shines as I approach the clearing.

Light shines through the falling water, adding a rainbow flair.

My eyes widen in surprise,

A grin consumes my face.

This is certainly a worthy prize,

For a trail that seemed misplaced.