Copyright: this is entirely my own idea

The demons came at me from all directions. Their intentions were to drag me to the depths of Hell. I refused to go easy though. I soon seen my chance to escape and took it. Just barely making it through them. They were faster then I was though. The closer they got the stronger I could feel the heat that was radiating off their deformed bodies. My first mistake was running through a graveyard into a forest. Soon beads of sweat started dripping down my face even in the cool night air. My second mistake was that I looked back. I didn't see them so I believed I lost them. My third mistake proved to be fatal as I stopped to catch my breath. That's when the demons appeared out of no where. I was trapped with no place to escape and run to. Soon I was dragged into the burning depths of Hell. I learned you can't out run Hell's demons. I wasn't the first but I won't be the last.