Fair Weather

We met in winter,

That delicate haze of downy crystals

And slick, jagged ice.

You found me sitting in the pale shadows

Of a withered, worn tree with knotted limbs

And let out a puff of moist breath.

The stale, dull grey sky blanketed our sleeping world,

Which was so fragile and frigid then,

Precious and ephemeral as a spider's web

I wiped a runny nose with hands

Like dried, cracked chalk.

No wind blew.

There was only intent, suffocating stillness.

But you stayed.

In spring the world thawed,

Sprouting tender life.

Dew drop jewels decorated the green

Once laced with frost.

Crisp nights became heavy, thick,

And full of cricket chatter.

With a lighter heart

I left the tree, retreated into that

Sleek, dazzling human kingdom

Where starlight was curtained by wooly clouds

And lamp-post florescence.

I didn't see you there, in the flourishing,

Writhing world of heat and vitality.

I didn't look.