Emerald blades bow beneath my weight

And tickle exposed flesh wickedly

Stealing focus from tar pits above

Sticking to skin in the heat

That dull hum like cotton fills my ears

Of insect chorus and breeze

In awe before vast, starry depths

A beauty man cannot seize

Eyes pour greedily over the sight

Where speckles of radiance burn

Uncloaked by the darkness of velvety night

They've waited with patience their turn

Stories to tell, more secrets to keep

They map out old tales still known

Hercules set the twelve greatest tasks

Cassiopeia upon her throne

Perseus the slayer of gorgon Medusa

On neighbor Pegasus soars

Cygnus, the graceful swan just south

A ladle dons two glinting Pointers

We love to weave narrations that

Travel time through ink and lips

But greater fascination lies beyond

At distance past our fingertips

Where swollen stars devour themselves

Collapsing to purest pitch black

They hold captive even light itself

None immune to their greedy attack

Therein lie the answers to questions asked

Since the birth of our youthful race

What is our origin? Are there others?

What threads weave the fabric of space?

Drowsiness pulls my lashes lower

It is time to retire, I think

I retreat indoors, but my mind remains

With night sky, so dark as ink

The heavens inspire wonder to all

Who observe them curiously

Though nothing can make one feel so small

As Universe's ancient mystery