Sickness Falls

Hate spreads

Life crumbles

Pain becomes a daily element

Words unspoken

Feelings hidden

Lies told

Envy as green as the leaves

Hate that burns fire red

Anger that boils white

Sadness black with nothingness

Tears held back

Needs ignored

Love betrayed

Rights revoked


Torn down

Washed away with the black

Gone away with the wind, as silent as deathly beauty

Evil takes control

Life falls apart

Your beauty has been tainted

Your soul, contaminated

You heart, hardened

Your sky is gone

There is no earth

Just black

No stars

No life

Only death




Your world of nothingness

Your world thats hidden in your mind

Your world thats hidden in the negative

A world worse than your nightmares

Nightmares could never compare

Monsters growl

Screams call out

Sweet and smooth voices beckon you near

Your stomach twists

Your spine knotts

Your knees buckle

Your skin tingles

You tremble in fear

They come

But who is "they"?

There is no exsistence



Very soon

Don't dawdle or ponder a creature

Don't tempt your mind with horrifying thoughts

Just come back

Come back to the world

Back to the world that you so despise


Your simple life style

Like your floating on air



Merely a dream of yours


Your world

Your people

Your land

And your emotions

Your Light becomes dark

Your Good becomes evil

Your sun depletes

Your moon burns to ashes

Your corpse rots

Your Skin is brown and vomit green

Cockroaches eat your eyes

Worms suck out the nutrients in you

Beetles burrow in anything thats left of you

Lion cubs take your bones for the marrow on their first hunt

Anything thats left of you the earth swallows whole

Your Exsistence is none

Your Emotions are wild

Your Mind is gone

The walls are white

There is no electric light

The white is bright enough

To bright

Your head pounds

There is nothing around you

You have no clue where you are

Or who you are

You feel helpless


A gunshot rings out

Pain shoots through your leg

There is no blood

No wound

Just pain

Unbearable pain

The world turns black

More nothingness surrounds you

More pain and misery weld inside you

Your emotions clash together faster than you could ever think

If only you could think

Your vision blurs

Your heart slows painfully

Your pulse is no more

You no longer have any feeling

Besides your pain that is

You seem to have become stone

Where your pain is still trapped inside of you

And nothing on the inside changes

There is nothing around you

For now

You feel them coming

The new exsistence of humanity is being born

Why you?

Why were you chosen to raise the new world?

To become the leader? The king?

Why you?

Why were you chosen, of all people, to lead a new world of creatures through all these stages? All these tests?

These questions haunt you

Yet it is your fault that this happened

It is your fault for destroying your world

For killing the people you love

For making all lifeforms die

Now you must pay the price

By raising the creatures of your mind

By recreating and reshaping everythig you ever knew

By wallowing in your greif

"There has to be a way out!" you mutter in desperation,

"I have to save my people! My friends! My family! Civilization! It can't be gone! I have to fix this!"

You try unsuccsefully to collect your thoughts


Your chest tightens

Blink again

Panic fills you


Your falling


A dark red light glows


A roar is heard

It takes all your strength to turn your head to your left

A black figure is flying at you

A dragon

A big, black dragon

It roars it's battle song

Your ears pop

It flies beneath you

You land on it's back

You force yourself to sit up and cling to the black sky beast

The sky is a brilliant scarlet

Fire is burning every tree and every building

Shrill screams echo in your head


And the screams fade


And the heat of the flame is gone

Leaving you cold


And the dragon is gone

Your suspended in air

All is black

Close your eyes

This black is different

There is no pain

Your emotions are controlled

This feeling is warm


A bright light shines through your eyelids

You open your eyes

Your at home.

In bed.

You glance out the window

It's there

Climbing through your wall

Your creation

The THING that came out of your head

That beast that terrifies you most

It rushes toward you

Murder gleaming demonicly in it's eyes.

And yet, here you are now

Sitting here


Tormenting yourself

Who says that boredom can't kill you?

Because your dead right now

And the creature stalks you even in hell