"If No One Remembers"

If no one remembers you,

I'll be there.

If no one remembers me,

Will you be there?

If no one remembers us,

Will you want to forget like they did?

I will protect you.

Will you protect me?

I will guide you.

Will you guide me?

I will follow you.

Will you follow me?

If I missed you,

Would you miss me?

If I loved you until the day the world flashed and crumbled before our very eyes,

Would you feel the same?

If I said that you were my forever,

Would you say that I was yours?

If I left my world behind to be with you,

Would you leave yours to be with me?

If I ran away,

Would you come looking for me?

If I died,

Would you be the one to cry and kiss me goodbye?

If I cried myself to sleep,

Would you be the one to hold me until dawn?

If I said " I love you",

Would you say you love me too?

If I lost all hope,

Would you be the one to give me the strength to live again?

If I said "I would follow you to the ends of the earth",

Would you say that you would follow me too?

If I said that you were my reason for living,

Would you say I was your reason?

If I said that I couldn't live without you?

Would you say you couldn't live without me?

If I would die for you,

Would you die for me?

If I wanted to hold you,

Would you want to hold me too?

If I smiled,

Would you smile back?

Even during your darkest days?

If you fell into darkness,

I'd pull you back to light and hold you there.

Would you do the same for me?

I fell for my best friend.

And I won't regret it.

It wasn't a mistake:

I just wish she was mine.

I want to make her happy.

To make her smile.

To make her laugh.

I can't live without her.

I'd die for her.

But she is not mine.

And as much as it breaks my heart...

I'll accept it.

As long as she is happy.