Hello, again my readers! I have finally decided to posted a new story I have been written since last year! This is really my very first story I have ever written, and I love it! It's my baby! So I hope you will like it too! This is just the summary for it,Enjoy! :D

Everyone knew that our peace lied within the Protectors. The governed angels known as Ultrinians. The ultrinians were divided against each other. Those with black wings are considered to be the controllers of the dark realm, which held the souls of despair. The souls were known as the Obscuram Ones. They looked like demons always on the hunt out to kill. To humans they were the ones that were nothing but monsters. Then, there were angels with white wings. To humans they were gods, always abiding to the commands of the King who held power over everyone on earth. The humans thought that the king new the right way to live and thus treated him like god. The king ordered death to anyone willing to side with the dark angels. So they were forced to hide away in a place they created for themselves and their followers and only would they come out at night.

The Ultrinian king had given the humans a cure that halted their age regression allowing them to live as long as hundreds of years like the ultrinians. In return that's how the humans had came to worship him. They killed for their king, died for him, and would do anything for him, because they foolishly believed he was god. Not one ever doubted his judgment and because of that, the people had never realized what monsters they were becoming. Everyone knew that the dark winged angels were nothing but monsters that deserved to be killed. After all there were only the white winged angels that were worshipped, then there were the dark winged angels who hid themselves from the eyes of the humans and white angels. Afraid of what might happen to them. To Ultrinians you either had black or white wings, but no one would have ever thought it was possible to have neither white nor black wings.

Until there was one. Through the ripples of the lake that held the secrets to the future the white and black angels saw a child that would later in life have grey wings with gold and black eyes. Both sides knew nothing of what this event would mean in the future, nor did they know why something so strange would happen. The only ones that knew were the king and the ruler of the dark realm. The king of earth knew that with him he would put an end to the dark realm, while the dark realm ruler knew that this child would end up causing the end of them or the white angels. Still, the one thing they didn't know was who this child was, but once he awakens will the humans and everyone alive know who exactly they should trust and who they should kill.

Well I really hoped you liked the prologue! There is more to come, and it will get more entertaining to read, I hope! Just so you know the editing goes to my good friend Marta! You're the best editor I can have, you're just that Awesome! You readers are also amazing too, especially you Lolitroy!:D Anyways, tell me what you think! R&R please!