The Birds' Song

As I was walking to school I saw their ship flying over me. It was heading towards the capital Building. The people on it were the Ultrinians. There was no doubt that the king was on it. After all, it's almost the 1,000th anniversary of the union between earth and Ultrinia. They were these angel-like humans who are in charge of almost everything on earth.

I took one last look at the fading ship before continuing my walk to school. I looked around knowing how everything was the same every single day. The never changing signs of our king posted around every flying sign. The dragons that flew by as their wings left sparkles that purified our air. How the Feliprin birds flew through the sky shouting out, "The king has arrived, the king has arrived!" Apparently people say that the king can see what goes on earth by looking through the eyes of those birds. People say our king is like God. Knows all and sees all.

The thing is, I noticed something strange about them. One of them was flying lower than the others and was looking down. It moved a little further until it dropped straight down. It was headed right towards me. Its eyes locked onto mine, for some reason I couldn't move. As it soared down, its' white feathers shimmered in the direction of the sun. It was piercing the air with its' bladed two-tails, with elegance and beauty. These birds are so beautiful, but dangerous with their two tails having sharp ends like blades that seep out poison. It's like a venoumous snakes fangs, one strike and you're paralyzed. That is, unless its tail doesn't cut off any body parts first.

It landed on the tree above me and continued to stare into my eyes. I felt like it was looking for something. When it comes to my eyes, I wear contacts to hide the difference in color. It flew off the tree and as it past me its light pink feathered tips touched my cheek. It was soft, but felt strong. It flew around me and that's when I started to panic. These birds weren't hostile against people, so I had no idea if it was going to hit me with its tail, or if it was just curious. Then I heard it singing a song.

"Black or white, black or white. Who will awaken, and turn the world into heaven or hell?

Or will it be neither in sight? Or will it be grey that ends the darks might?

Not all good is always in the light. Not all good is seen in glory.

So tell the twins that caused destruction, that soon will it be the dawn for redemption

So be prepared for hell to come to sight, because not all good can enter the light

So be prepared to bring the true darkness to hell." And with that the bird flew off into the bright sky without another word.

I stood there a little dumbfounded. What that bird told me made me feel pretty freaked out. Still, I couldn't help feeling that what it said, was something I should remember. I decided to forget about it for now and tried to continue walking to school normally. I mean after all, it's not really that strange for those birds to say things like that. A second later, heard her sweet voice ring through the air.

"Vi-Vi, Hi!" She called out. I smiled and made my way over to her as she waited by the bus stop. Little Leviona Kathandrel is a seven year old little girl with brown hair and eyes, that always had a large smile. As I came up to her she started talking, "Vi-Vi, look my grandma got me and Theo a new dress!" Theo was the name of her doll that she always carried around. That doll never left her sight no matter what. She would through a tantrum if her doll was out of sight for even a second.

Apparently her parents gave it to her before they died when she was one. She lives with her grandparents, sort of like me and my brother. I guessed that's why I liked her so much. We both didn't have any memories of our parents. Still, that doll really creeped me out. I always felt like it was staring at me. Its hair was dark red that ended a little above its waist, and had pale skin. Its dress matched its eyes. "Vi-Vi, are you listening to me?" She asked. I snapped back to reality.

"Huh, yah I was listening, your grandma got it custom made, because you made the Honor's list at school." She was small, but she's the smartest seven year old in her entire elementary school. Her dress was a red blouse with a silk red dress jacket, and shoes, with white stockings. Exactly like her dolls. Today was the award ceremony for her, so that's why she's wearing a dress to the one place no one cares about. Then she asked me something weird.

"Vi-Vi, what's that black stuff behind you?" I raised an eyebrow with confusion. I looked back, but nothing was there.

"What're you talking about, there's nothing behind me."

"On your back, there are black feathers." She came up behind me and tried, I guess, to take one. I was around a bird, but I didn't see it have black feathers. I tried to see if I could get them off, but there was nothing there.

"Quit making up stuff Levi, there's nothing on me." I turned around to face her.

"But I'm not making it up," she then looked a little disappointed, "Never mind, they're not there anymore." I raised another eyebrow wondering if she was just messing with me. I sighed and decided to drop the subject further, thinking it was only a little joke. A few seconds later, her bus came and she went off to school. That's when I realized I was going to be late if I didn't move it. Still, I could stop thinking about those feathers she said she saw, even if it was a joke.

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