"I never usually have nightmares, but last night I had the strangest dream…" Maria Juana tells me from her chair in front of my desk. Her eyes are hazed over from all of the medication she's on, and she seems to be smiling at nothing in particular.

"Would you care to talk to me about it?" I ask my teenage patient.

"No thanks, Dr. Honda. I don't feel like talking today."

For the next hour, we remain in a slightly awkward silence, and then Maria is taken out of my office and back to her room in the psychiatric ward she has been living in. It's almost five o'clock, so the day shift doctors will head home, and the night shift ones will emerge; which means that I now get to go home and see my boyfriend, Alan, and the little girl we adopted together, Mary.

I miss them so much, not that I ever admit it out loud. I hardly get to see them because of Maria, who has been my patient for the past five years, ever since she was twelve. That's when her schizophrenia, paranoia, and bipolar depression settled in- after the last reality besides our own was destroyed.

Alan and I are the last two Timelords alive, because all of the others were either destroyed along with their reality, or killed themselves when they became mortal. We are all mortal, and will be able to die like regular human beings. Although I'll never admit it to Al, I'm exited to die, and I know that he is as well. We've lived for so long, and now that Al and I have the chance, we can now, finally, grow old and die together.

I can't wait.