I wake up with a start, and immediately fall off of my bed. Well, I regret waking up right now. Gog, that dream was weird; and I hate that it's leaving me with questions that I can't answer. Like, are there really separate realities? Is the life I know even real? Is my brother really gay? That last question isn't really reverent, but if my brother is gay, I want him to find an Alan in this universe-reality-type-thing. I really hope that this isn't my reality. My dreams are so much better then where I am now.

"Are you shitting me?" Alia asks me at lunch. She plays with the fries on her yellow lunch tray as she looks at me, her dark blue eyes looking right into my soul. Gog, it's getting kinda creepy.

"It's the truth!" I exclaim, flailing my arms around wildly.

"So let me get this straight," she says as she gives me an incredulous look. "You see people, and your dreams are a different reality?"

"Yes!" I cry. "And I'm not freaking crazy!"

"Yeah, you are, but it's okay. I am too."

"What? How?" I discard my lunch and focus on my friend, hoping that my questions don't creep her our that much.

"I have extreme paranoia."

"That's it?" Really? "I already know that."

"Hey!" Alia smacks my arm and sticks her tongue out at me. Then she suddenly goes serious. "But really, how do you know that you can even trust your dreams?"

"That's the thing… I don't."

Just as Alia is about to reply, a Junior named Jonah calls out, "Yo, fags."

"I'm not a freaking cigarette, you ass!" I shout at th stupid jock that continues walking by Alia and my table as he saunters to a table of his friends.

"Assholes," Alia mutters.

"I know, right?"

We sit in a slightly awkward silence for less than a minute. Just as I am about to say something, anything, the bell rings. We both shoot up and swear creatively, quickly packing up our books and throwing away our trash before sprinting from the cafeteria.

"We better not be late for English," I mutter. Alia nods beside me as we run through the large, mostly empty courtyard to the opposite corner of the large high school campus. We arrive fifteen seconds late to class, but Mr. Brendon doesn't mind; he knows where we come from.

"We've a new student," Brendon calls out to the class, motioning to a Sasquatch sized boy that stands next to him. "State your name, boy."

"A-Alan Bach," the kid stutters out in a rush, and then hurries to the only unoccupied desk- the one in the front row that is next to the desk that is next to the window. Aka- the desk that I am currently residing on.

Holy mother of Gog! This is the boyfriend of my dream brother! He looks exactly like the Alan from my dreams, only without facial hair, and with saddened lights in the blue eyes behind his thick, black glasses.

"Hi," I say to the obviously scared boy next to me. "I'm Mary."

Al looks at me with fear in his eyes, but he seems to relax when he sees that I mean no harm. "H-hi."

"Don't worry, we don't bite or anything," Alia says from behind me. She then points to some jocks bad plastics across the room. "They, on the other hand, do."

Alan goes pale, and Alia starts to cackle quietly. "God Alia! You're scaring the poor kid!" I scold her.

"All of you, shut up!" Brendon shouts at our peers and us. Damn, that was loud. "If you want to talk, then get the hell out of my classroom!"

Alia then grabs her rucksack and other school crap before leaving the classroom with people calling taunts after her. Brendon fumes for a minute, and I suddenly hate Alia for leaving me alone.

With Al.

And Byrne.

"My God, this class is so boring!" Byrne sneaks up on me and says this right into my ear. I jump and am extremely thankful that no one noticed what I did; except for Alan.

"Are you okay?" Al asks me softly. He glances at me as if he's sincerely worried about me; Byrne starts to sprout smoke from his ears because of this.

"She's fine, you ass!" Byrne shouts at Alan, and I flinch as he jumps over my desk and smacks Al. Of course, I am the only person to notice this.

I shake my head at Alan and look down at my desk for the rest of the period. Byrne still makes fun of me and insults Al, but I ignore him as much as I can- until the bell rings shrilly. I swear loudly and begin packing up my books, swiftly heading out into the crowded hallway with Alan on my heels. Just as I am about to bolt down the packed corridor, I notice that Alan is looking completely lost in the swirl of people. Because I know that I'm going to miss my bus anyway, I offer to Al that I can take him to his bus, which he happens to be riding. "Just to warn you," I tell the giant, "I always miss the bus because of this class."

"I guess that we'll have to walk home together," he says with a small, crooked smile.

"I guess so too." After that, Byrne leaves me alone, leaving Al and I in a comfortable silence as we start our trek home from the outside of the empty school parking lot.

About half way there, Al says, "Thank you."

I give him a confused look as I ask, "For what?"

"For not making fun of me." He looks at me right in the eyes, and I finally recognize why my dream brother loves Al so much. He's honest, fairly open, even though he's shy as hell, and he as the aura of a kind person.

"I don't like him," Byrne grumbles from behind me.

"Oh my Gog!" I cry as I turn around to face the assbutt behind me. "Byrne, go the hell away!"

"What?" Al asks confusedly. "Mary, who are you talking to?"

"Me, you stupidly sane dumbass!" Byrne bellows at the poor kid.

Well, now would be a damn good time to tell the Alan of this realm. I turn to face him as I open up and say, "I see people, and one of them is a jerkface, named Byrne, that's just showed up. Again."

Surprisingly, Al doesn't look creeped out or scared. He nods and says, "I understand. My sister was schizophrenic before she was killed."

"I'm sorry," I mumble softly.

"It's okay. You're not the asshole who killed her."

Byrne keeps on grumbling, and I turn back to face him with a dark glare. "Don't you freaking say anything about Al, you ass."

"It's fine," Al mutters. "I'm used to people saying things about me."

"You should be!" Byrne shouts.

"I thought I told you to shut it!" I crow at the non-existent person in front of me.

"Mary!" Al turns me around and places a large hand on each of my shoulders. "Calm down."

"But-" I sputter incoherently.

"Take a deep breath," Al tells me gently. It takes a few minutes, but after a while, he manages to placate me. Byrne continues to shout at me, but eventually he leaves me alone after Gog knows how long.

"Thanks Al," I tell the freakishly tall boy in front of me. "Usually my sanity, or the more lack there of, has to snap for Byrne to finally go away."

"It's no problem," Al smiles sadly at me.

As we continue on our way home, I ask Al about what he did at his old school in the the town next to the one we live in now.

"I was the vice president of the GSA at my old school," he says hesitantly.

"Awesome!" I practically shriek, jumping up and down while flailing my arms around wildly. "My brother and I are apart of it! I'm an ally, and I have no idea what Li is. He won't tell me anything."

Al's eyes light up when I mention Li, and I feel like as soon as they meet, sparks will fly and the world with explode. In a good way, that is. "You're Li's sister?" he asks, almost a statement, and I nod at him.

"Do you know him?"

"Yes," he says, and his cheeks heat up an embarrassed red. "But in which ways, I'll let you decide."

For a second, I remember that I've never met this, "girlfriend" Li goes to the house of every day after school. Li always talks about her, "bright red face and blue eyes," which Alan very obviously has. Not to mention that in my dreams, Alan and Li are already dating and have been for a long time now…

"Holy crap!" I burst out, which scared the bejesus out of Al. "You two are dating in this reality too!"

What Al says next is one-hundred and ten percent unexpected. "You know about the other remaining reality?"

"Remaining? What do you mean by, 'remaining?' Have other ones been destroyed?"

Then I hear Al swear for the first time in both realities. He gives me a guilty look. "I'm not supposed to tell anyone about it, especially not someone who can directly choose our last, permanent fate."

Holy mother of Gog! I can directly choose my last, final, permeant fate? What is wrong with the world as to give me epic power like that? I stop walking, breathing, thinking; and as soon as I realize that I am in front of my house, I pass out.