Love Song for a Friend

Float in a haze, my mind drifts away.

Promises and instincts have fallen in my wake.

Grow wings and fly, high into the sky.

Memory tears apart and finally dies.

If I were to fall into your eyes my friend,

I would probably make the same mistake again.

Dance with a risk, drown in a kiss,

I was enveloped by your intoxicating mist.

Drowned in a lie, with no reason why,

I cannot recall a time a tried.

I've fallen for something I know I can't obtain,

It's tragic that this shame has been in vain.

Time winds away, away from the day,

when reasons and bindings decayed.

That moment will remain a cherished frame,

I only hope that things will never change.

If you could see the person I see,

you'd realize how perfect you are to me.