Chapter Seven

Hi. My name is...

"Lucy Collins?"

I nodded dumbly without even thinking.

He smiled again and raised his hand in an awkward looking but friendly gesture and it was then I finally learned his real name.

"My name is Robert Arthur Whitman-Scott.

"I'm wearing ninja turtle pyjamas..." Was the only rational thought that I had, and it wasn't even rational. What I should have been thinking was oh my god, my stalker is in my front yard in my dream introducing himself to me and I should be slamming the door shut, barricading myself in my room, freaking out and figuring out how to either make him go away or more to the point here, Wake Up. If I could just wake up this would all go away. But really, he was cute, and his voice, it gave me goosebumps. It occurred to me that I'd heard it twice before but hadn't really paid much attention to how deep, yet gentle and musical it sounded.

Yeah, get a grip Lucy, that's because you're dreaming. Things are not what they seem. Of course he sounds good to you right now, and actually, trust you to take a bad situation, um hello, stalker anyone?!... and pick something good out of it. Such as the fact that he is good looking and has a great sounding manly voice.

I rolled my eyes at my inner dialogue and willed it to shut up. At least there was an entire story between us, he was down there, I was up here and he was introducing himself. I mean, stalkers weren't supposed to do that, right? Just roll up and be like, "Hey there, so I know that I've been following you and coincidentally showing up everywhere you've been for the last two days but well, I might as well introduce myself while I'm at it." Yes, well, at best this was unusual, at worst he'd all of a sudden turn into a crazy psycho not unlike Norman Bates, possibly even chase me into the forest and that would wake me up at least. So, while none of those things were currently happening, I did the most illogical thing and squeaked.


I might as well find out who he was, aside from his name obviously while he was there and being pleasant and forthright.

He chuckled at that, shoulders shaking, his head bowed forward for a moment and then he looked up again rewarding my awkwardness with a grin so large and genuine and non-stalkery that my I smiled a crooked little smile in spite of myself and my better judgement.

"So..."he smiled."We should probably talk."

"Oh, you think? I'm dreaming and you're in my front yard, a front yard that I don't even actually own while I am awake and have no idea of where it came from while I am asleep and my life got really weird these last couple of days and you're the common factor of everything that has been different, and strange and actually a little scary and you say we should talk. Yes, yes I think we should. Or actually, maybe you should talk and tell me what's going on. Starting with, where are we? And how are you here and why.. and okay, maybe there is no good starting point..." my voice trailed off at the end of my little outburst and I sighed. "This is going to take a while, isn't it?"

I took a step forward then and gripped the wooden balcony railing, gaining a little courage to get a closer look at him as his facial expression changed to one a little more serious and he finally nodded.

"Yes, this is going to take a while. And you will need to wake up soon, so let's begin, shall we?"

Gentle, non-threatening, a voice that could melt ice and formal. This was a different guy to the one I'd met briefly at the comic store, and then again at the coffee house. This Rob wasn't just Rob, the awkward and mildly creepy comic store turned stalker guy, this was Robert Arthur Whitman-Scott the polite, cute, non-creepy dream guy and that was a little disconcerting. If ever I'd imagined coming face to face with him it wasn't like this. Could my life get any stranger?

"Okay...first things first. Where are we?" I asked him and my tone made the question come out as a challenge, almost an accusation, and I really didn't expect him to answer as quickly and as smoothly as he did.

"This is your home. We've actually met before at the time that you actually lived here, but that was a long time ago."

I frowned and rubbed my forehead.

"I don't understand... wait wait. If this is my home then when was it my home? It's not exactly modern, I can see that already with my own eyes."

"One hundred and thirty three years ago if you choose to look at it that way, considering the date and year we are living in the waking world."

"I think my head is going to explode."

"If there was a way to slow this down, or make you understand in smaller pieces in a way that was less rushed and confusing I would slow it down, believe me. But there really isn't time."

He looked genuinely sorry and an awkward silence followed for a few moments and I actually considered whether I might go downstairs and talk with him a little closer, but then I remembered. Ninja turtle pyjamas. Just no. He couldn't see me like this, whether he was now not a stalker or not. These babies were not meant for appreciation for anybody else but me.

"So, what you're telling me is that in the past this was my house and I lived in it? Okay, that's a start. But .. how are we here now.. over a century later? You realize that is impossible, right? It's just impossible. You're talking about time travel..." At this point my voice started to sound a little hysterical or like it was winding up to be so.

"How open is your mind, Lucy?"

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