Chapter Two


She was surprised to see that she was in a place called Beau Jacques Seafood Restaurant. Hell, she didn't even like seafood.

She decided that wherever the hell she was, food would almost certainly help to settle her stomach, if not her head.

She headed back to where she came from, the serving area (smoking of course) of the restaurant, and maybe it was still very early (she had not checked the time), because there is no one around. She walked slowly around looking for any sort of clue at all as to who might have been here, or how she had got there herself, but there was nothing to see, nothing out of the ordinary. Just plain tables laid with clean (although that was debatable) cutlery, plates and glasses ready for the next punter.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw somebody, well two somebodies actually, already sitting at the bar, and decided that they probably had the right idea after all. Hair of the dog and all that.

She wondered if anyone was even around to come and take a breakfast order. It seemed to be oddly quiet in this place.

Nina watched the two men at the bar, and thought to herself,

"Jeez, it's bad enough I don't know where the hell I am or how I got here, but the only other two people I have seen so far are probably already drunk, or on the way there."

Not that she wouldn't have minded herself, but it probably wouldn't be very helpful in her current situation, when all she wanted to do was just go home, take something for the pounding headache she had and just go back to sleep and forget all about this place.

She shifted forward in her seat, noticed something pushed down the back of the seat cushion, and pushed her fingers down to pull it out. "Yes, this'll come in handy," she thought, and popped it inside her bra.

Then she moved towards the bar.

The two men looked at her suspiciously,

"Hey, who are you?" the one with the glasses asked her.

"And may I ask you the same question?" she replied.

She quirked an eyebrow in their direction. The two of them were behaving a little paranoid, and looking suspiciously at each other. When she received no response, she waved her hand dismissively.

"Actually on second thoughts, forget about it."

Nina didn't actually feel like standing around exchanging pleasantries in any case, and she had seen a couple more people head off towards the pier, so she figured she'd head that way herself, and see if she could find anything that might lead to her getting off what she had discovered now was an island resort. Moments earlier, she had been sure that the only other people around were the men at the bar, but clearly she'd been wrong. Ugh, she was still trying to wake up and her head hurt like hell, no wonder she was a little unobservant.

That part disturbed her really, the one about being on an island resort. Galavez. That was what the place was called, and knowing she was on an island meant that she would have had to travel by boat or plane to get here, which bothered her even more with having no memory of it whatsoever.

She found a surf shop, and had a look around in there. Not that there was much to see really, surf boards, wet suits, body boards, the usual sea-sport related items. A quick check of the cash register revealed that it was empty, and all the surrounding shelving and drawers behind the counter didn't harbor anything either terribly interesting or terribly useful.

Also, she noted, the place was dusty as hell, like no one had been there for a long time, which sent a chill up her spine. Island resort. … But it seemed more like a ghost town.

She saw a big guy rustling around in the clothing store outside, and wasn't sure she wanted to talk to him either, so she went to head back to the restaurant, and he turned around to look at her at the last minute as she walked out the door. She was startled.

Her heart pounded, although she wasn't sure why, and she started moving double time to get back to where the others were, all of a sudden glad that there were other people around, no matter how crazy or neurotic or drunk they were.

That face, it was familiar somehow. Her head pounded again and she squinted in the sunlight. That wasn't helping. She wished that she had some sunglasses or something. Sunshine was not good for a killer hangover.

She saw another person then, almost tripped over him in fact, as she'd been moving quickly and not paying a whole lot of attention to what was in front of her. The man was bent over on the concrete in front of her. She stepped a little closer and peered down at him. There was nothing apparent right away that alerted her that he had any injuries, but something had happened to him, even if not physically. The terror was written all over the man's face. She dropped down to her knees straight away to help him, and he rolled onto his hands and knees and started to retch.

"Get them away from me, get them away..."he howled, in between his dry retches, gasping for air.

She leaned back and waited for him to finish, and then in as calm a voice as she could muster,

"What the hell is wrong? What are you talking about...them?"

In response, the man fell back onto his backside and started to sob,

"Oh, god, nooooo, nooooo, what have they done, what have they done..."

Nina started felt the panic rising inside her. Something was wrong with this man, and he wouldn't respond to her question in any sort of sane fashion, so she took a step back and mumbled.

"Just stay here mister, maybe I can find somebody to help you."

Her heart started to pound again, and she felt a little ill. She realized that there was a reason that all of these people were here, with no memory as to why. Something was terribly terribly wrong here. Was someone playing with them, like some sick little game? It was incomprehensible, she didn't even know where to start making sense of any of it.

Suddenly, a flash of the day before hit her, only a few seconds, but it was enough for her to remember that sometime late yesterday afternoon she had had an appointment with a man at a bar just outside of Raven's Hill. But that was all she could remember.