Day/Part 1

It was a day like any other. Dull, boring and grey. I dragged myself out of bed and yawned loudly. I crept down the stairs of the tremendously big mansion, so that I would not wake my cruel master. I tiptoed into the enormous kitchen and opened the shiny grey fridge. There was only a small portion of a fruit salad and some eggs left in there. I would have to go shopping later.

I grabbed an intricately patterned metal spoon and the fruit salad. I was too hungry to get a bowl so I ate from the plastic container. The fruit salad was delicious but there was no time for savouring; I had work to do. Just as I was finishing off the salad there was a quiet meow behind me that made me jump. I spun round and realised that the noise came from my master's robotic cat: Robo. Robo was made of metal coated with shiny black and white paint. My master had bought him a few years ago, in 3026. "Robo, you scared me!" I whispered. He meowed again but a little bit louder than before. Robo then turned and padded through the kitchen door.

After I had finished my fruit salad and put everything away, I crept back upstairs and got dressed hurriedly into my maid uniform. Now was time to start working. My first job was to clean and dust the gigantic mansion. After spending a whole hour cleaning the mansion, I went to put all the equipment away and was met with a nice surprise.

"Hi Clara," said my master's son Josh, his black, shiny, spiky hair and chestnut brown eyes even more good looking than usual.

"Oh hey Josh" I replied, grinning slightly.

"How are you today?" he asked

"I'm fine. You?"

"Never felt better. Wanna see something cool?" I started to blush.

"Um, yea-" I cut off by my master.

"Clara! I pay you to work not chat," He snapped angrily.

I rolled my eyes and got back to work.

The next job on my list was to go food shopping, my master was going to be very hungry soon. I stepped out of the double doors of the gigantic mansion and into the fresh morning air. I took a deep breath and started the five minute walk to the food shop. I spent around hour collecting all the food and toiletries that Josh and my master needed. I decided to take the much longer route back to the mansion.

The fresh morning air was a joy to walk in. the robotic birds were making their mechanical tweeting sound. It takes near half an hour to get back to the mansion and I planned to make the most of it. The hover cars were flying by, children were skipping down the pavement, the sun was shining brightly but best of all it was almost silent. I took a right turn off the pavement and into a dark deserted alleyway. I usually take this route after I have gone shopping.

I was almost at the end of the alleyway when I felt a sharp pain in my right leg. I looked down and I saw dark red blood streaming down my leg. The pain was unimaginable. Before I could scream, a rag, which most likely had chloroform on, was placed roughly onto my mouth. slowly everything started to go dark and my vision fizzled away. Just before I passed out I saw the face of my master smiling evilly at me.

Only god could save me now...