Unraveling Tales
see you around
you repeated the second night,
words falling casually from
your fingers. and i wished you
bye and goodnight and were here
with your fingers interlaced with
mine. our conversation faded
as suddenly as dawn in reverse;
i kept waiting for the day when
you would say
see you tomorrow

instead the hour turns
hollow as my heartbeat aching
for you. i pray, i pray for
a conversation blooming
as bright as sunset from
the dark when your words
shower across me, a tide of
light and months, but now
i ache in the shadow of midnight.

i'm headed to bed now
and i imagine i am the last
person you spoke to before
you collapsed in dreams
(and maybe some of me stuck
with you through morning).
i held your words under
my tongue while i slept, savoring
their sweetness. let me hold on
to the hope of your hand
on mine, the deep blue of
your eyes caught on mine, because
i know the minutes are shortening
and ours is a tale unraveling.