Love is looking at someone

Across a busy room,

And knowing that they are yours.

Love is feeling their hand in yours

For the first time

And knowing that you are theirs.

Love is looking into their eyes,

And seeing your reflection

Smiling back at you.

Love is spending the day together,

In and around the throngs,

And only seeing the other.

Love is pulling them tight to you,

About to tell them you love them,

When they finish the sentence first.

Love is that first kiss,

The one you'll always remember,

For being sloppy, messy but magical.

Love is tickle fights at 1am,

Rolling around the floor,

Until you look into their eyes and kiss.

Love is cuddling into their shoulder,

Closing your eyes

And falling asleep.

Love is watching them

And the many different faces

That they pull when explaining things.

Love is staring at them


As you can't take your eyes away.

Love is waiting

In the pouring rain

For their bus to arrive.

Love is meeting them

At the railway station

With a bunch of flowers in hand.

Love is bringing them coffee,

When they've had a bad day

And need a boost.

Love is carrying them over to the bed,

When they fall asleep on the chair

And covering them over with a blanket.

Love is looking into their eyes,

And seeing yourself in them,

As they are a part of you now.

Love is waking up crying

As you dreamt

That you had to live without them.

Love is not being able

To stop thinking about them

All day long.

Love is laughing when they hurt themselves

As they are the only one who could have managed

To hurt themselves that way.

Love is seeing them

In a new way

Every day.

Love is knowing from day one

That they are going to be

The one you live your life with.

Love is knowing that

They'll be smiling that insane smile,

When you're meeting your newborn.

Love is knowing that,

When they die,

You'll be holding their hand.

Love is knowing that

They'll be there all your life,

The person you couldn't live without.

Love is…them.