The Shadows


It was the night of a full moon. Everything was silent. Not even the sound of cars passing by could be heard throughout the city. The street lights illuminated the streets; some flickering, some already dead, and some shining brightly.

Almost all the lights in each building were out. All except one that is. It was a pent house apartment room. You could see the shadows of two figures in the room. One looked like a woman, and she was lying on the bed with a book in her hand, but it didn't look like she was reading. She was watching the other shadow – a man – who was unbuttoning a dress shirt. The two talked and every once in a while laughed, but they never noticed the dark shadow of a man lurking outside their window.

It wasn't until the light was turned off and the two people were fast asleep that the shadow came out of hiding. He sneaked into the room by cutting a hole big enough for him to crawl through in the window. The man brought a long silver knife out from his sleeve. The knife seemed to gleam in the silver moonlight.

With a clean swipe, the first cut on the woman's body was made. Blood poured from the cut on her arm. She woke with a gasp, but the man knocked her out with a sharp hit to the head. The second cut he made was on her stomach. It reached all the way across from left to right. The third cut was the deadliest. The third cut was on her throat. The blood pooled around the woman and caused the man to shift in his sleep.

The assassin moved on to the man. He did the exact same thing to the man as he did to the woman. As their blood mixed together, he wrote a clear message on the wall above them. The message read:

Don't get involved with things you know nothing about. Don't mess with us.

After he wrote the message, he silently crept out of the room the way he came in.

Once outside, the assassin jumped from rooftop to rooftop with incredible speed and agility. He stopped a few buildings away and looked back at the apartment. All he could see was the light turned on. He did not see the nine year daughter walking into their room crying and screaming.

The wind howled in the silent night. When the wind stopped blowing, the assassin was nowhere to be found. He seemed to have disappeared with the wind.