He watched as she would enter the small book store, her brown locks swinging with the way she walked. He watched as she would smile at him, so inviting and warmly.

He watched as she would leave, sometimes weighted down by her purchases. She didn't read books like most girls her age would – no Twilight, no Hunger Games – but more than often would make off with a work of Shakespeare or Homer. If she didn't like a book, she would wrinkle her nose in distaste before giving it a death glare for simply existing.

She was clumsy – something that could be seen from a mile off – but she never let it get her down. She would pick herself up and laugh, looking around to assure she didn't break anything. She didn't act like she was hurt, even if the fall was bad. She just smiled. Her smile made his heart beat wildly.

He heard her mumble lyrics to a song under her breath. She wasn't very skilled, but he enjoyed it. She didn't sing any of this pop or rap that was large with other's her age, but the classic rock songs. He could tell her favorites were by Pink Floyd.

He watched as she sat at the coffee shop across the street, only ever ordering a brew with two sugars. She would sit there a while, typing what was clearly a novel on her laptop. He longed to read it.

He watched as she would greet friends, hugging them each before jumping into a conversation. One would often crack a joke and they would all giggle. But she wouldn't. She would actually laugh, howling with tears running down her face. It wasn't a high and sweet sound, but it wasn't unpleasant. He lived to hear those laughs.

He watched as her blue eyes would light up with excitement when she saw a certain boy. He watched as the boy gave her a flirtatious smile, taking a seat across from her at her usual table at the coffee shop. The boy asked her what she was writing and she turned the screen towards him. He watched this for several months.

She would still visit his little book store, sometimes with the boy, sometimes not. She would still smile at him as she browsed. And his heart would clench when she left.

He watched as she walked across campus, suddenly realizing they attended the same university. He watched as she would chew her pencil in class, him only sitting two rows behind her. He watched as she drew whatever came to mind in her notebook. He watched as she would twist her hair when between her fingers when the professor's lecture became too much.

He watched as she would sneak away with the boy occasionally. They would slip out of the cafeteria as if they had a secret to hide. Once, he followed them, discreetly of course. He ended up outside, watching as their faces drew nearer and nearer. He watched as they kissed.

She would still smile at him, never noticing the pain in his eyes as he smiled back. She didn't noticed how he would bite his lip when their hands briefly touched when he handed her new book over. She didn't notice how he felt.

He was in love with the blue eyed girl. Yet, she had no idea who he was.