Celtic Knot


"Aaahhh~!" My piercing scream caused birds to leave their roosts and all other animals nearby to flee as my nightmares chased me. My erratic breathing and sore muscles was no match for the monster that pursued me, the source of my panic.

Finally, when I could no longer run, I halted, hoping to defend myself solely with my remaining strength. I turned, only to bump into my pursuer.

This had all begun over a misunderstanding between two siblings, when they were no more than toddlers. Ever since, he had hunted me mercilessly, endlessly, immortally.

"Hello, Brigit, how have you been?" Milesius asked in a sickly sweet voice, faking kindness towards me, all the while moving closer like a feline preparing to pounce on its victim. I stepped away slowly until my back came against an over-sized oak tree. Their auras were here.

My hand flew to my charm necklace, and I called cut for the powerful being that I knew would help me. Milesius's eyes widened in shock and fear.

I felt a tingle in my body as my eyes turned to what I knew to be gleaming ebony, the same color of highlights being stranded into my long, red hair. My clothes shifted into a long, grayish white dress that fit snugly around my torso, flowing out below my waist. Shimmery tattoos branded themselves onto the backs of my hands, my exposed mid-back, my feet, and in the middle of my collarbone in the shapes of skulls.

"You'll still fight me, won't you dear brother? Or are you a coward?" I asked calmly with any trace of exhaustion gone. His face hardened, and I knew I had gotten under his skin; Milesius's tight nod was the only answer I needed to immediately attack and call forth dead beings to fight him on my behalf.

By that point, the spirit of Dagda was fine, but I was mentally drained of all energy. Milesius's attacks on my deathly soldiers grew slow and fatigued, so it was time to change spiritual radiances.

"Cernunnus," I summoned, becoming unpredictable and defensive. Different clothes adorned my body, now in greens and browns, earthly colors. An animal bone necklace hung from my neck, my visual charms scattered evenly between the whitened objects.

I willed vines to wrap around my brother's body, squeezing him until he passed out from lack of oxygen, after that was finished; I mentally felt the green organisms around me, until I felt a barely living, hollowed out oak tree. It was a little small, but would work for the time being. Going towards the said tree, the vines curled around me, lifting my brother's and my own body to my intended destination.

I quickly stashed Milesius there, and then walked away to the nearest water source, a lake about 100 yards away from my hiding tree. Once the water was licking my feet, I let Cernunnus fade away from my soul and mind.

Then I fell, sleep taking over my spirit and body.