Chapter Two


I hear the group in the lounge so I put my headphones on and blast my music. I sense my door come open so I sit up to see the girl who just got here. Her shoulder length blonde hair almost shinning from the light that's coming in the window. I meet her eyes which are a striking hazel color. They hold a stern glow to them right now. My eyes fall down to her chest so I blush and look back up at her face. "Like what you see Lukius?" She asks leaning against the door frame. "Now why don't you come out and at least be civil." She states sternly. I'm still shocked that she knows my name.

"I'd rather not." I slip my headphones back on and lay back down, pulling my covers up over me. She rips the blanket off me and takes the headphones out of my phone. "What the hell did you do that for?!"

"You have a fucking dirty mouth and disrespectful attitude for someone who has the powers of light!" I jump up and walk towards her so fast she's pressed up against the wall but she isn't scared.

"Says the one who just swore at me." She glares at me and pushes me back.

"I'm making dinner but you don't get any, my name is Elora by the way." She walks out of my room slamming the door and leaving me shocked. She's the first girl to not get scared of my temper and she's the first one to leave me speechless.


Elora comes out looking like she'd turn a light beam on you at any little word you say to her. I quietly go help her in the kitchen as she angrily gets out what food she is about to make. "God I swear he's coming out here no matter if I have to hog tie and drag him out here." I laugh and see a smile on her face. "I'll be right back Celosia, mind watching dinner?"

"No go ahead and drag his but out here." Elora takes off literally grabbing a rope and duct tape.


I push into Lukius's room and even though the door slams against the wall he doesn't move. He doesn't have headphones in the world is it possible for someone to fall asleep that fast? I put the stuff down and walk over to his bedside. "Lukius?" I ask gently shaking his shoulder. He groans and rolls over. He opens one eye and smiles.

"Worried about me Argider? I put on my best serious face and stick my nose up.

"No, I was going to hog tie you and duct tape your mouth shut but you were asleep." Lukius laughs and I can't help but laugh myself. But as soon as we look at each other I feel an immense hatred towards him.

"What the hell?" Lukius took the words right out of my mouth. I shake my head and feel like crying because it's messing with my head. Without warning the tears win and Lukius wraps me in his arms and I cry into his shoulder.

"What is this, I don't hate people who I've just met." I grip onto his shirt tightly as I feel myself pass out.


I pick Elora up and place her on my bed covering her up with my blankets. "What happened?!" A boy asks standing in the door way.

"I don't know some force is trying to keep Elora and I apart. Whatever or whoever this is makes us feel intense hatred towards each other every time we so much as glance at one another." I explain as she groans in her sleep. I decide to stay there until she wakes up. "Some one just put our dinners some where they'll stay reasonably warm please." I request quietly then brush the hair out of Elora's face.