Warning: Adult situations, f/f fiction

As I lay besides her watching her sleep, I wondered what was different now. We had been best friends for years and had countless sleep overs, but tonight I noticed things I had never noticed before. We both slept in small white tee shirts with no bra and whatever underwear we had worn that day, and as the moonlight shone through a crack between the curtains I could make out the dark spots on the tips of her B-cup breasts. The rotating fan hit her body and I saw her shiver, watching as her nipples grew erect and pressed against the fabric of her white tee-shirt. I reached over slowly and lightly rubbed my index finger over the nipple closest to me, the one on her left breast. A small sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as I traced the swollen little nub through her shirt but she did not wake up.

I knew she was a sound sleeper and I took advantage of her. I pushed her shirt up slowly. Inching the hem higher up until I pushed it over the swell of her breasts. Her dark pink nipples stood swollen and puffy atop her pale milky breasts and I waited a moment to see if she would stir. When she didn't move I began to lightly trace the puckered skin of her areolas, and as I became more daring I took to lightly alternating between pinching each of her swollen little nipples. She let out a small moan and shifted around, I lay there completely still. I was paralyzed with the anxiety that I might have been caught, but she simple spread her legs a little and thrusted at the empty space between them. I smiled wickedly as I looked more closely at the thin fabric that hid her pussy from me. There was a little wet spot and I could feel my own sex growing moist as I anticipated the sight of another girls nether lips. I slowly moved her panties aside and licked my lips as I stared at her pretty little pussy. I had seen a few pornos but the pussies of the stars always had inner or outer labia that hung or pertruded from the slit. Not this pussy, it was a perfect puffy mound that would have to be spread apart for clit access, and it made my whole body hot to look at it, smooth and waxed. It shone in the moonlight with wetness that I had caused with my secret nipple play. I slowly slid a finger over her slit and she let out a mild moan, a bit louder than the one from earlier. I held her panties out of the way with one hand and with the other I traced her little wet slit, dipping my finger between her pussy lips and occasionally grazing her hard little clit, bringing more moans from her sleeping mouth. After a few minutes I was so turned on I had to stop touching her and start touching myself.

I moved back over to my side of the bed and squeezed my large DD breasts, grinding my thighs together and feeling the friction between my own hot, wet, swollen pussy lips. I bit my lip and tried not to make any noise as I slipped my fingers into my panties and began to play with my hard little clit, occasionally dipping a finger or two into my tight opening. After a few minutes of this I came hard and suppressed my moans with a hard bite to my tongue. It hurt a little but the pleasure more than made up for it. Before I knew it I drifted off to sleep, forgetting to pull her shirt back down.