I got what I wanted,
I wanted to be at my wits
End so I could break down
And cry.

Well, that's what I've been
Doing for the past 24 hours,
I have not been able to stop.

Everything that has
Fucked up my life keeps
Flashing before my eyes
And all I can do is cry.

My mom keeps coming
In telling me she loves me,
Hugging me more than she
Has in the last few years,
Only to make me
Feel worse.

This crying, hasn't
Made me feel any better,
Just numb, and it
Won't stop.

The tears
Just keep coming,
And instead of
Relief I feel
Guilt and sorrow
That doesn't seem
To end.

I guess next time
I should be careful
For what I wish
For, because it may
Not end up what
I wanted it to be like,
What I expected it to
Feel like.

At least I got
What I wanted though,