Dear best friend,

What happened to us?
We use to be joined at the hip.
But now, I feel,
No I fear I have been replaced.

How can you do that?
How can you replace me?
We've known each other since
Before we were born!

I feel you don't
appreciate me anymore.
You've flaked on me
More times than I can remember.

I changed schools,
So we could go to school together,
Because that has always been our dream!
And to save our friendship.
I don't want out friendship
to end up like our mothers' did,
Broken, unappreciated, and full of
Hate, and resentment.

Are you tired of me?
If you are, please,
Please tell me.
I don't want to
waste anymore time,
Or put anymore effort
Into a friendship that is going to end
Into a friendship, that is no longer
A friendship, but a one sided relationship.

I am depressed,
I use to be suicidal,
But I never told you any of that,
Because I didn't want to burden you
With what was going on in my life
Because there was already so much
Going on in yours.

Honestly, I haven't told you
Isn't a best friend suppose
To know all your secrets,
Your favorite food
Your favorite drink,
What makes you tick?
You know none of that about me!
Now albeit don't know your
Favorite food, because it has changed,
But you know so little about me,
And I know so much about you.
Do you just not care about me?

I have been thinking
And this could be one of two reasons;
It's either because of my trust issues
Or because you have never really
Asked or paid attention .

I guess it is a little
Of both, more so the last
Reason than the first,
And I guess it is because
You have never really seemed
To have any interest in my life.

I am so done right now!
I need you!
This is the most I have
Ever needed you,
Yet you are not here.
Why am I still there for you then?
Every time you call
I answer.
But when I call you,
You ignore my calls.
I called last night,
When I needed you the most
And you ignored my call.

I have dropped whatever
The f*uck it is I have been doing
Just because you called
Or you needed me.
Why can't you do
The same for me?
I know you ignored my call too,
Because it didn't ring as long
As it usually does,
It was cut short.

That proves that not
Only did you ignore me
But you don't really care
about me,
Like I care about you.
I am so tired of being
Used and then thrown away!

I love you,
I really do,
But I am done trying
When it comes to the friendship.
I love you like you are my sister,
Hell, to me you are my sister,
But you don't seem to care
About me anymore.

I am sorry for whatever
It is that I did
That made this friendship end,
Or maybe it was what you didn't do.
Either way,
It's over,
Unless you start trying.