Their lives converge and meet in every reincarnation, they were nothing to each other at first, but fate, no matter how cruel and strange it may be, has its way of leaving imprints on their souls to find each other again and again.

Her name is Olivia. And her first life was a farmer's daughter.

She is the eldest of five siblings, and her name is renowned in this small town. She was beautiful, but strange, because she is different from other pretty girls, she is aimless and independent, something that has caused a scandal among old society. And she scurries away from suitors, because she is afraid to love and she does not understand why.

His name was Derek. And his first life was a wealthy heir.

He comes from the city, he visits his grandmother for three days, and rumours spread that he is searching for a wife. He was handsome, and proper, raised by tutors. His smile was mechanical, and he spoke with grace.

The moment they meet was at a market, when he decides to come along with his servant to buy fresh fruits and she is sent to finish errands for her father.

Midst the crowded place, from across the vendors and stalls, their eyes meet, and he has never seen anyone with such beautiful daunting grey eyes, like the colour of a blazing storm. Her hair was dark, and tied messily into a bun, but she was still so beautiful.

She looks back with sheer curiosity, and she notices how the sunlight catches his blonde hair. An angel, she muses silently, because even from afar, his wide blue eyes can be seen.

But the crowd shifts, and he loses sight of her.

She disappears once he manages to steal a glimpse to where she stood, and he frowns because he's lost her.

Olivia had walked away, weaving through the crowd, her thoughts elsewhere.

He has forgotten about her the day after, and they both continued on with their lives.

They were nothing to each other at first. Just mere strangers whose eyes met and forgotten as quickly.


On a masquerade ball, where everyone's identities are hidden, where strangers hide beneath soft smiles and stolen identities, the music plays throughout the night, and this time, on her next life, Olivia is an impoverished dancer, her mother had left her an elegant dress that bore the colour of wine and red satin, she puts on a mask and she decides to pretend to be someone else for the night. But her time is limited, and she can only stay until ten in the evening. She will leave for Paris to learn to dance, to become renowned.

She stumbles into a tall man, wearing a white mask, his suit refined and expensive and she looks up, his blue eyes staring down at her with interest.

"I apologize, sir." Olivia mutters silently, her gaze never leaving his.

He was blonde and tall, but she could barely make out his features through the mask.

"Forgive me," He says. "It is I who should apologize, I have been meaning to ask you to dance all evening, and it seems I was too eager."

He reaches his hand to hers, and reluctantly, she takes it. They waltz across the room, their movements filled with such grace that it entrances everyone in the room.

"I've finally found you." His voice was distant, as if remembering, and she notices how his gold locks gleam beneath the chandelier.

"You don't even know me." She tells him as they spin across the floor, her dress gliding through, and his dark suit following pursuit. He dips her down, his hand on the small of her back, and she shivers at his touch, his face inches from hers.

"We have the rest of the night to know each other better." He whispers, and he pulls her back to stand.

The song ends, the crowd applauds, but they pay no attention to it. He holds onto her hand, and he guides her past the crowd. She lets him lead her in the gardens. It was dark and empty, with only lamp lights and flowers to keep their company.

"You dance so beautifully." He remarks nonchalantly, his masked face, partly concealed in the shadows. He smiles, and her heart beats faster against her chest.

"So do you," Olivia tells him, and she eyes him warily. "But I do not know your name. I do not take well to strangers."

"Derek." He answers, grinning. "What's yours?"

She opens her mouth to answer, but then wet drops of rain comes falling upon them, he takes her hand and they run, both laughing and soaked. They stay underneath a shed, amongst cans and rakes.

He sits closer to her, despite wet and soaked, their shoulders touching, and a smile plays upon his lips. He shrugs off his coat, and he turns to face her, but her gaze is elsewhere.

"What are you thinking?" he asks softly, his eyes watching her, he notices how she yearns to be elsewhere, her eyes bright, filled with dreams of hope and future.

This time, she tears her gaze away from afar, and she faces him, their eyes meet, inches away from each other. Somehow, she couldn't look away, she simply does not move, and all she could hear was the sound of rain against the roof and her heart beating wildly against her chest.

No, her mind warns her. Don't fall in love.

Because she will leave, and she won't return, not ever, she has always dreamed of running away, leaving this town and begin a new life but he'll be a reason, he will chain her back here.

His lips crashes onto hers, her mask falls once she returns the kiss, and willingly, she wraps her arms around him, urging for more, his hands fall on her waist.

She was the first to part, and her heart breaks, because of all places he appears when she will leave.

His eyes sparked with passion and newfound love, he smiles a genuine smile, his hand moves towards her face and he traces her cheek, his eyes scanning her every feature. "You're beautiful."

And she falls, because she sees hope and promise in him, a future. Their time is almost ending, because she could see, barely, the large clock set past the gardens. In one final act, she reaches for his mask, and it drops to the ground with a soft thud, her gaze on his exposed face.

"I'll remember you." She whispers, her voice broken and strained. And she raises her head to kiss him again.

The bells chime from the distance, signifying a beginning of a new hour, it is ten in the evening and she must go. And hesitantly, she moves away from his kiss and she stands, he looks up, confused, his lips slightly parted.

I'm sorry, she wanted to say. But she leaves without a word, ignoring his protests and shouts, he follows after her, midst the cold rain and lamp lights, but he loses sight of her once she begins running.

"Wait! Come back!" She hears him say, his words painful and alluring. But she keeps running, she has a dream that she couldn't simply just set aside, because opportunities are rare for someone like her.

There will be a ship waiting for her, sending her away, taking her to a new city, and there, she will learn and achieve her dreams. Perhaps she'll return to this town, and perhaps, if fate will allow it, they will meet.

But they do not.

At least, not again in this life.


Her new reincarnation is a noble's wife, and she has lived with luxury, something she has not grasped onto before. But she is still free spirited and a dreamer, and that is why his husband fell in love with her, and she has loved him back.

Derek is the son of a diplomat, there are rumours about him and his group of friends, and how he creates rallies and protests on the streets of London, they do not bring guns, they bring their voices, and people admire their courage.

She sees him for the first time with her husband, the carriage stops, she looks out the window, confused as to why it halted, and she sees a large crowd of strangers, all holding torches and signs. A handsome young man stands on top of a table, giving out speeches as the crowd cheers and yells. It starts to rain, and she curses, her hair is wet.

Their eyes meet in that moment, his blue eyes to her grey ones, he stops speaking and they stare. Midst the crowd and the rain, and they both couldn't help but feel familiar to each other.

I remember you, she thinks, and it surprises her because the thought has sprung from her mind so suddenly and it does not make sense.

Her husband says something to her, their gaze is broken, and she looks back at her husband, his face worried and his voice soft. She ducks back into the carriage and they decide to stay back at home. When the carriage turns, she looks back at the window, and she sees him, still staring.

Come back, his thoughts drift unknowingly, I've lost you before. Come back.