Chapter Seven


My mind blanks out again as Charles slips his hands under my coat and pushes it down off my body, wriggling it from under me and chucking it to one side.

For some reason I can't summon the willpower to stop him and I just lie there, stunned. Then he slips his hands up under my shirt, trailing nails and fire up my stomach. He pinches my nipples, causing me to gasp and arch up away from him.

I know that something is seriously wrong with this situation, but for some reason, I can't seem to move my body to stop him.

One hand flattens against my chest and pushes me back down against him. But he's moved onto a bigger target now, and the hand that isn't restraining me is slipping down below the waistline of my breeches and into my braies – my underpants – to grasp me firmly round my girth. His hand is small, with slender delicate fingers like a woman; maybe that is what causes my intense reaction.

Fire and ice shoot through me at his grip, and I buck my hips, hissing. Fuck! His touch burns, and I feel myself begin to throb and harden to a painful degree.

Squirming, I suddenly find that I have use of my brain again and panic rages through me as I struggle to break Charles' grip. But he just pushes me firmly back to his chest again, and with one long pull on my dick I'm lost, trembling against warm arms and a warm chest that supports me comfortingly, steadily holding my body up.

I feel so vulnerable now, completely powerless and under his control. Fuck, the little bastard had better be careful with me. I don't think I can even stop him now. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Then he's off. Two long pulls on my dick and a slight teasing of the tip later, repositioning our bodies so that he straddling my lower legs, he starts the whirlwind that consists of his mouth, his hands, his teeth and tongue - him and only him as my universe narrows down to the different ways in which he teases my skin and torments my body.

I buck and writhe in his grasp, whimpering and moaning and gasping as my toes curl with the pleasure he is giving my body, all the while with him sat snugly on top of me, when his hand suddenly ratchets up the speed and friction on my dick and I'm shattering and bursting into a million pieces and –


I come all over his hand, my body arching up away from his as I release. I scream his name.

"Charles!" I'm sure he's delighted at that.

I pant, exhausted, and he squeezes me once, tightly, possessively, before letting go, and for the first time since we sat down for the meal I look up into his eyes.

He is staring down at me with eyes darker than before, and I blush. I fucking blush. What am I, some virgin girl?

Then hungrily, dominatingly, before I can protest, he bends his head and his mouth fastens on mine. It is awkward, the position we are in, but that doesn't stop him. He leans his hand on my chest, pushing me flat against the thick carpeted floor. His tongue forces its way into my mouth and swiftly dominates mine, and when he draws away, I'm breathless.

I can only stare up into his eyes, confused and vulnerable and scared. I don't know what the fuck is happening to me, or what is happening to my heart.

For whatever fucking reason, I feel happy.


He liked it. I knew he would. He still tastes the same.

I crawl off him and scoop his floppy body up into my arms. Mmm. His head lolls dazedly against my shoulder, and his cheeks have a faint pinkish tinge, which is adorable. His body still trembles against mine, and I wrap my arms around him protectively and rest my cheek on his head, reveling in his warmness.


We stay like that for a minute. It is nice. I know that I have to make a move soon if I'm ever going to have my own release, but I've decided that that can wait for now. I don't want to break what belongs to me.

I almost came when he did. Seeing him like that – his powerful body, coming all over my hand because of something I did, completely in my power – it nearly sent me over the edge. But I held back. I know what I want and who's going to give it to me; it's only a matter of time.

And I've got time. Plenty of it.


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