My ribcage aches with past mistakes,

That I have not made,

And fear of repeated mistakes,

I'll resentfully forgive again.

The aches and pains transcend into,

An itching, nagging desire to do,

A deceitful act with you.

I can see the potential in your eyes,

I feel it in your shaking spine.

And in this midnight hour,

I'll selfishly call you mine.

Your fear like braille beneath my touch,

Coats in trails within my dust.

You're not the one, for now a crutch,

through the troubles of a lonely must.

Kiss the question of morality,

but think nothing of it as you pass it by.

We gave up right and wrong with goodbye.

The thoughts spell out across your lips,

The idea of temptation hard to resist.

I never thought I'd hear it,

The way you want this.

Fingers dance across your skin.

The tensions thick,

but you're wearing thin,

Like your resistance to give in.

We're going blind with lusty goals,

To avenge a shattered heart,

That leaks out tears from it's holes.

Pulling apart, rewind, resist, restart...