Wilma, the hero!

Now I am going to tell you the story about Wilma.
Wilma was an extraordinary dog. She always found what her owners were looking for. She never barked to loud when the children were sleeping and she never ever peed or pooped inside.
To sum it up no one could ever asked for a better dog than Wilma, not even the other animals that lived in the house.
She was always nice to the cat, and never did anything mean to him. She was always nice with the turtle and didn't drink the water he lived in.
She was even nice to the little mouse, Elvendork, who lived under the stairs. The mouse was named Elvendork because they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, and Elvendork is a great unisex name.
And this is where our story takes place. In the house of Wilma and Elvendork.

One afternoon when Wilma was walking around the house checking that everything was alright, she heard a cough from under the stairs. She went to check out what was happening, and she saw Elvendork lie on her mini bed made out of an old spoon. Elvendork coughed again.
" What is wrong my dear Elvendork?" Wilma asked
" I am sick" Elvendork answered with a small voice.
" Can I do anything to help you?" Wilma asked curiously. She loved to help other people and creatures.
" You can go out in the dark forest and make my medicine, but that is a dangerous mission." Elvendork said.
" It doesn't matter if it is dangerous, if it will help you then you can count on me" Wilma said with a determinate look on her face.
" Well, this is what you have to do. You have to go in to the middle of the forest to a round shaped stone, and then pick up the third rock you see. Then you have to walk towards east for about 16 minutes, and then pick up some springs of spruce. You have to put the springs of spruce in to your mouth and chew them up so they turn into something with watery consistency. Then smear it all over the rock and put it in a pot or something with saltwater. After around 20 minutes take the rock out and then bring the pot or whatever to me" Elvendork said.
" Alright, I am leaving now" Wilma announced, before she ran into the forest.
The dark forest was called that name for a very good reason. Once you came in it was like all of the light in the world was gone, because the treetops were so close to each other that the light couldn't make it through.
Wilma walked in with all the bravery she could manage and started to look for the stone. She found after a 30 minute long walk and picked up the third rock she saw. It was a squared stone about the size of a CD cover.
Then she had to find the springs of spruce.
She walked for around 16 minutes and then started to dig into the snow for some springs of spruce. She found them after about 7 minutes of digging and put them in her mouth and started chewing. It really hurt, but she did it to help Elvendork.
Now she only had to mix all of the ingredients in a pot or something with saltwater. She found a big shell or something and poured some salt water from the frozen sea.
She let them "cook" together for 20 minutes and then ran out of the forest with the shell in her mouth.
She reached the house and ran in and under the stairs.
She found Elvendork in her spoon looking weaker than ever. Wilma quickly poured some of the mixture into Elvendork`s mouth and sat down to wait.
Elvendork came to itself bit after bit and the next day everything was like before. And that was all thanks to Wilma, the hero!