Well...I don't know where to start lets just say I'm not human I'm part of an alien race known as the swogon well they were a race until another alien threat was held against our species then there was a battle... We lost I'm the last of the swogon when I was born we were in the brink of battle my father was left to battle while my mother put me in a space pod to escape. I was brought up by a trigon couple and I thought it would be a good idea to leave my adopted parents to see the universe and possibly find out about the history of my people but somehow I crashed here in the planet orieon where all species can live.

Name: Stuartion (Stuart for short)

Age: 15

Species: Swogon

Name: Bradlon (Bradley)

Age: 15

Species: Cyborg S17-12

Name: Brookton (Brooke)

Age: 15

Species: Zogon

Name: Caleton (Caleb)

Age: 15

Species: Wypton

Name: Irid (Iris)

Age: 14

Species: Firon

Lauront: (Lauren)

Age: 13

Species: Sipre

Tontious: (Tony)

Age: 16

Species: Jigap

Name: Jor-138 (Jordan)

Age: 15

Species: Brityot

It shows the wonders of orieon.

Stuart: Hmmm maybe I could find some parts for my ship and rebuild it?

Then a bunch of battleships show up and Stuart hides in shelter while the battleships release troops that scavenge the a scream is heard.

Stuart: What was that?

Stuart goes to investigate and sees a group of alien species that are about his age.

Brooke: Hey you have to help us!

Stuart: And why should I?

Brooke: You can't just leave us to die!

Stuart walks away. The aliens walk up to the group and point their guns at them.

Alien: Prepare to be destroyed!

Then all of a sudden the aliens fall to the ground to reveal that Stuart has saved them.

Bradley: Thank you. What made you change your mind?

Stuart: Because I know what it feels like to lose everything...

Caleb: They are after us we need to hide.

Lauren: You have a ship don't you? That we can hide in to go to a different planet.

Stuart: I do but I'm missing a component for it.

Bradley: I think I can help you with that... But wait what do you mean you lost everything.

Stuart: Have you ever heard of the swogon?

Tony: Yeah they were part of a bedtime story.

Stuart: I'm the last of the Swogon.

Jordan: No way!

Bradley: Well I've got the ship up and running but what are we going to do?

Stuart: We are going to see the universe.

The chapter ends with everyone going in Stuart's ship and ship flies away.

Next time.

Stuart: So you're a cyborg.

Bradley: Yes only I have no idea what my purpose is.

Bradley's hand turns to a gun. While Bradley was spinning out of control and malfunctioning.

Bradley: Destroy destroy destroy.

Stuart: What if Bradley's purpose is to destroy all life.