As you grow older

you will learn the subtle difference between smooth sailing and fair weather

and you'll learn that your reflection in the mirror is more than skin deep

and the quickest way to waste time is to live life on a schedule

and you will learn

the line between good intentions and the wrong is a nearly transparent

and the only way to keep growing is to be cut down every now and again

and you'll begin to embrace the uncertain with your eyes and arms wide open.

As you grow older

you will remember to always learn the rules

because even if you don't always abide them, you'll know how to play the game

and all that matters is staying in the competition for as long as you can.

You will start to realize

sometimes the most beautiful of things can only be seen when the lights are out

so you'll learn to light your own path and take your own route through the darkness

instead of settling for

whatever the sunshine lets you see.