What a beautiful sight this family's blood all over my body. Their bodies lying on the floor. The floor marked by their fingernails. They were so frightened that they clung their nails to the ground as I dragged them to their death.

I love my children. I love my husband. I love my cat. That's why I did this to them. They had to pay for their sins. They would never reach the gates of heaven if I hadn't done this. Each of them represented a deadly sin.

Our cat represented wrath. Every time I tried to pet her she scratched me. I believe that is a good reason to kill her. So I kept scratching her with the knife. This way she knows how I felt. And now her deadly sin has been repented.

My son,Oscars,deadly sin was gluttony. He loved eating. His favorite was chocolate. He was no Agustus Gloop. He always asked before he had the last of any food. He didn't only eat junk food he also loved fruits and vegetables. However, he never thought about how much money it cost to buy the food. I suppose most 9 year old's don't. But he had to repent for his sin. So I tied him to a chair and forced him to each huge frozen pieces of chocolate. He choked. Now he is with our great lord.

My daughter was sloth. All she did was sleep and read. Her IQ may have been high but that means nothing if you never do anything. Well, she never complained when I made her or anything, but, she had to die. I tied her to her bed and placed a pillow over her face. While she struggled to breath I sang her a lullaby. I'll see Julia in heaven.

My other daughter was Pride. Pamella loved make up, clothes, hair, all those vain things. She sometimes had strange girls from her health girls come over. She took what they loved and made it beautiful. One girl was fascinated with serial killers and obsessed with the psychology of crazy people. Insisted that they were people with pure intentions and not the monsters everyone else think they are. She wanted to express all this in her style. Pamella was able to show all this and still make her pretty. But that girl is not supposed to be pretty. If she truly wanted to be, she would have done it herself. Pamella should not try to make beauty in the world. That is her sin. So I took her precious hand mirror, broke the glass off, and watched as my daughters flawless complection get bloody, deep, scratches. I hope god will let her in.

And now my husband. Luke's sin was envy. He was the cause of so much that he had to repent. With his fancy car and big house. His children were perfect. His wife is just so wonderful anyone would be green with envy. He was so happy. So handsome. So amazing. It truly is a wonder no one else has killed him yet. So I helped him the best way I could. I wrecked his car, killed his children, and burned down his house, all with me dragging him with the cats leash. Of course, he still had his wonderful wife so I had to kill him to. Just a knife to the back is all it took.

Oscar was 9. Julia was 14. And Pamella was 17. While some would say they were too young to die I'd say there's no such thing as too young to remove all your sins.

Of course though, I'm just too perfect to die. I don't sleep that much, so I can't be sloth. I get a bit frustrated sometimes but I'm never angry. I never make people who are ugly on the inside pretty, if anything I make sure they know how horrid they are. I suppose it could be envy. But I'm a women. A women can't be envy. I don't really require a man so I'm not lust. I only want what I need so it's not greed either. So I'm perfect.

I'm so perfect they have to keep me safe. That's why I'm always inside this room. Its white so that people will become blind when they come in. They don't deserve to look at me. I'm restrained because they don't think I should trouble myself with moving.

I am perfection. I have no flaws. I just wanted the people I love to have that perfection too.