Run this town

Chapter 1

In the scorching desert of Las Vegas, Nevada; fate or destiny could vanish sins from this corrupt city.

The people gamble for greed, people kill, people deal and do drugs; there are people who are committing every crime here.

Our story begins with 17 teen year old Wayne Russo. He lives in the middle of nowhere off of Price Road with his prostitute mother Lily Drews. He deals drunk, he drinks, he smokes, and to some of you another sin of his is that he doesn't believe in god.

When you look at his face it makes you feel vulnerable. He has a face that should be in a mug shot or behind bars. The lines of his face are sharp and bulky. A 5'9'' blonde guy with a buzz cut. Those bright eyes of his are not alluring; their threatening. You can see anger boiling inside. They look like the last eyes you'll see before you take your last breath, those eyes of a cold blooded killer, and those eyes of a heartless criminal.

One gusty summer night, Wayne had to leave before one of his mother clients came home. This is routine to him now. Tonight he had a lot of his own client to attend to. Wayne has been dealing heroine all over LA for 3 years now. Wayne is meeting with his biggest costumer tonight. But he never goes unprotected. He always puts a pistol under his clothes to end any "out of hand" clients. He has done this once before.

On the outskirts of Las Vegas, behind an abandoned building, his client emerges.

The crusty old man trembles in his trench coat, "O-ok Wayne, I-I have the 500 dollars. N-now give me the H"

The old man's eyes ogle the bag Wayne is carrying. "You know how my business runs old man. Cash first." The old man tremors forward, there is a dark motive run through his eyes. Wayne over lays his hand on his pistol.

"O-ok I'll give it to y-you now sonny" the old man grunts. He opens his musty holed trench coat. Strangely there is a red flag sewn inside. Footstep echo behind Wayne, the moment he turns to take a quick look its too late.

For good.

Staring into the eyes of another client with a knife straight through the heart, he gasps for air. Vision is blurring, sounds of sin city are leaking, taste and smell are fading, the pain is burning, the blood is dripping, and his life is flowing away. The old man and the accomplice escape with the money and the drugs.

Wayne is left to die on the street in cold blood. As his life flashes before his eyes, he chokes on his last eternal breathe.