My name is Abigail Patters and I am fat. To be precise, I am five feet two inches tall and I weigh approximately 212.7 pounds. To be honest, I think I've always been overweight. Everyone in my family is overweight and they practically teach binge eating as a religion. Dinners almost always consist of fast food and sodas are bought in bulk. I was raised this way, and I never thought anything was wrong with that. You never really realize that there's a problem with something in your life until somebody starts pointing it out to you, I guess. Last year I was a freshman and my whole life changed. The girls I had always been friends with took up a habit of calling me 'Abby the Fatty' and wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I was ignored by every boy within a hundred mile radius as though I had some sort of contagious disease that they might catch if they so much as glanced my direction. Honestly, I felt like every girl around me was perfect. They laughed at me in the hallway and stared at me in the lunch room. Its nearly impossibly to talk to my parents about things like this. My dad rarely looks up from his newspapers and when he does his only advice is that bullying builds strong character or whatever, which I imagine is something that he read online. My mom is no better. I tried to talk to her and all she could say was that everything would be better in the future. Thing is, it's not the future. It's right now, and right now is a terrible time to be stuck in.

Authors Note: This story is new and experimental. This is my first attempt at writing in first person, so forgive me if I slip up in places. I realize that this prologue is very short and vague. The entirety of this prologue is edited from my scribbles. I will be trying to average two thousand plus words each chapter. Reviews are always appreciated. Thanks! LB