"What?! CIA?!" I practically shouted at about midnight in the middle of the orphanage. All the other kids woke up at looked at me I quickly flipped off my flashlight and tucked it along with the book under my bed. The caretaker/ "mom" Mrs. Sascosh told me to get some sleep and that I had all day tomorrow to read. "Okay." I replied reluctantly.

"Goodnight everyone." She practically whispered, then I allowed her to give me a small kiss on the forehead and I fell into a deep slumber. My head filled with the sentences I had just read from my father's journal.

AN: If you are wondering how I can come up with these chapters so fast there are two reasons: 1. these chapters are freaking short. 2. I wrote all of these down in my 7th grade English notebook last year. So all I have to do is transfer them from my notebook to my computer and that only takes like 5 minutes so…yeah. Please review and tell me what you think so far.