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Elizabeth smiled happily. Her boyfriend of 2 years grasped her hand in his. The blinding sun beat down on them as Kyle stepped on the gas of his new black Mustang.

"Where are we going?" she had asked.

She was answered by silence. Kyle had rushed to her house in the city and had shouted to her "Hurry up! I want you to see it at the right moment!"

After hastily pulling on a flower-print sundress and sandals, she dashed to Kyle's car and climbed into the passenger's seat. Kyle had greeted her with a quick peck on the lips.

When she pulled away, Kyle had a wicked grin and held up a black blindfold. Before she could protest, Kyle had already wrapped the itchy cheap fabric around her face. No matter how much she pouted or whined he still would not budge. He was strong, she had to give him that.

So here they were around a hour later. Beads of sweat began to build on Elizabeth's face under the blindfold. Kyle pushed his wavy brown hair out of his face with his free hand and spoke for the first time since she got in the car.

"We're here!" he said happily. Kyle jumped out of the car to help Elizabeth step outside. When her feet touched the ground she heard the crunch of gravel. They were probably going to walk the rest of the way. Kyle walked her down the road until her sandals began to sink into the ground. She unstrapped her sandals and held them in her hand that wasn't being held.

Her feet sank into something wet and squishy. It must have been sand or mud. Most likely sand because Kyle knew Elizabeth would've beat him six ways to Sunday if he let her step in mud. Elizabeth concluded that they must have been at Greenrock Beach a couple of miles north of their small town, Ravenwood. They shuffled through the sand for a couple of more minutes until Kyle finally stopped and told her to untie the blindfold.

When she could finally see she had to blink a few times to adjust to what she was seeing. A ornate wooden dinner table with a white table cloth was set for two. Vanilla scented candles sat in torches making a ring around the table. A canopy hung above the table and twinkling white lights were strung throughout the open space in the canopy creating the illusion of stars.

The sea lapped at the shore bringing with it the scent of sea salt and seaweed. A gust of wind made the candle light flicker a bit and shifted Kyle's dark brown hair out of his face and at this moment he truly was a sight to see. Wavy chocolate brown hair hung just above his ears. Kyle was tall, at least 6,2" but he had a slight build made up of lean muscle from many years of being on their high school's swim team. His pouted pink lips were pursed, waiting for her response to the beautiful venue.

His eyes were his best feature, at least in Elizabeth's opinion they were. His eyes were as green as the sea next to them and they seemed to hold so much emotion. She saw a fiery passion in his eyes and love and happiness that was so raw, so powerful, that it seemed tangible. She felt herself go weak in the knees at the thought of Kyle feeling all of that because of her. He could have had any girl he wanted yet he chose her. In her mind she wasn't much to look at. She had thick black hair and bright blue eyes. She was shorter than Kyle by at least a foot and that made her feel even more shorter than usual.

There were other girls who drooled over Kyle and shot threatening glares at her yet he didn't give them a second thought. Elizabeth was pulled out of her thoughts when she saw Kyle get down on one knee. "Kyle?" she asked softly. He ignored her and simply pulled out a small, black, velvet box. Her eyes widened almost comically and she gasped. Surely he couldn't have been proposing! They were still in their last year of high school! Before she could question him he began to speak.

"Elizabeth Genevieve Belleman, when I first saw you in 6th grade, I knew I was a goner. I couldn't stop thinking about you yet you didn't even know I existed so when school started I did my best to gain your attention. Mainly that meant tampering with your food, starting food fights, starting pointless arguments in class that would land us both in detention, just so I could get you to notice me." He paused to take a breath.

"I did that just so I could see that passion in your eyes. It got me excited to know that only I had that effect on you. Then two years ago on September 24th during the middle of lunch, we were arguing over God knows what. I remember seeing the spark in your eyes and I just couldn't bare it anymore. I grabbed you by your shoulders and kissed you like their was no tomorrow. Then you wrapped your arms around my neck and I still remember what you said."

He paused again as if waiting for her to say something. Then it dawned on her. Elizabeth could recall that day like she could last night's homework. She had pulled away and said "It took you four years to work up the courage to kiss me?" She smiled and repeated what she had said that day.

Kyle allowed himself a chuckle before going serious again. "Elizabeth, Liz, I love you. I am completely and utterly in love with you and that's why I'm asking you this." He opened the small box and Elizabeth was nearly in tears. Inside the box had to be the most beautiful ring Elizabeth had ever seen. It had a shiny silver band that was engraved with her and Kyle's names. Elizabeth's birthstone, a sapphire, was in the center surrounded by Kyle's birthstone, diamonds.

"I'm not asking you to marry me, not yet at least. But I want you to promise, that there will be no one else in your heart but me, that I'll be the only person to bring that spark to your eyes, that you loved me since that day in the cafeteria. Promise me that we'll love each other forever and that someday, we really can be married." Kyle pleaded. Salty tears streamed down Elizabeth's face and she nodded vigorously. "Yes. A million times yes. I promise," she said. She didn't give Kyle a chance to say anything before they were kissing. They put all of their emotions in that kiss. Love. Happiness. Passion. All mixed into one searing hot kiss that seemed to bind the two by the soul. They were both panting by the time they pulled away. Kyle pressed his forehead to hers and scooped her up. He began to carry her to the dinner table.

"I love you. I love you so much," he murmured over and over again. Although they were not Mr. And Mrs. Kyle Harrington yet, Kyle was satisfied with her promise. He leaned in to kiss her again. When Elizabeth closed her eyes she couldn't help but wonder if their kiss on their wedding day would be as good as this.

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