I have no idea of where this came from. It just crawled out of the pit of pitness and decided to manifest. Enjoy.

I couldn't really see the board at school. It was blurry and stupid and the font was too small. To make matters worse, I sat in the back.

Unfortunately, my best friend noticed. See, he's very persistent, and mostly an ass "because he cares". So I get this talk to go bug my parents to get me tested, and if I didn't he would, blah blah blah..

Well, I didn't bug them. I sat in the back and the teacher wrote tiny, what was the big deal?

A week later, he catches me asking my lab partner what the teacher wrote and phones my parents.

My parents. Who are sleep-deprived robots who have other kids to raise.

This is the part in the story where I yell my head off at him and we end up trying to kill each other.

So I end up in this office with my dad. We're at an eye doctor's. Someone calls my name, last, first.

The lady tells me to press buttons whenever I see movement, one eye at a time. She makes me look at a picture of a hot air balloon above a road. It's blurry for the most part. The last part I hate the most. I get air shot in both eyes.

Ten minutes later this other lady calls me into her office. I tell her why I'm there. She makes me follow her finger with my eyeballs and I tell her what the letters on the Snellen chart. Several million times. Then, she pulls out a pair of lenses from a drawer and holds them up to my eyes, telling me to look at the soap bottles in the corner. It's so clear and detailed. I tell her I can read the words, thank her, and Dad and I leave.

But I can't take my mind off that. I mean, is that how everyone else sees? What have I missed out on? I mean, I've seen that way my entire life.

I needed to see that again. I popped my mom's ancient glasses on and stood outside, sliding them off and on, comparing two images. She kept them in the car for driving, and it was a mild prescription like my own.. But still..

It was stunning, I tell you. There was so much detail and texture in everything, it took my breath away. I could see the details of individual flowers and leaves on the bush in the front yard from a distance, and as the image flipped I was sad to notice it was a blurry mass.

I never wanted to take them off after that. I mean, how would you know different if it's been that way your whole life? If you could see better just like that, would you let it go so easily?

It was frustrating when I had to put them back in their case and in her car. Every little shingle on the roof, little petals of flowers, bark on trees, a fir tree's outline. How do you give that up?

I sighed and replaced them. Four more days.

So...what'dja think?