What do you see when you see black?

Do you see death and depression?

Or do you see what I see?

If you compare black and white they'll be different.

Someone who smiles and someone who cries.

But who's smiling and who's crying? And why?

Is the one who smiles hiding while the one who cries is joyful?

Will I be happy if I just disappear?

Will others be happy if I'm gone?


So don't give up, don't change.

Even if you're crying, even if you're smiling, even if you're sad and in pain, keep on living.

Because it doesn't matter whether you're average or different. It doesn't matter whether you like black or white or green or pink.

Just be your true selves and thank you for yourselves.

Because you'll find someone who's the same.

You'll find someone else to thank.

It's hard to find in this cruel ugly world but it will always be there waiting.

You're not alone.

I'm not alone.

I don't want to be alone.

Not anymore.

Now take a black dot and dip it in water.