A/N: OK so this is like the first poem I've ever written so any reviews and comments AT ALL are completely appreciated. I need all the criticism I can get, though I do want you to enjoy the poem. So here it is :)

Oh and the "-G-" in the poem indicates a new stanza 'cause I couldn't figure out how to insert a line break on this thing :(

Please Don't Jump

By: Grace Ding

You drag yourself to school

Only to hear how you're uncool

You can't even get to your locker

Without getting punched by a stalker

So you head towards the girls' room

Where she shoves you towards the janitor's broom

But all she does is laugh mirthlessly

Gather her friends and saunter off flawlessly

The last of her group whispers in your ear

What you never wanna hear

You're ugly you're fat

You smell like a rat


You pick yourself from the ground

And cautiously look around

You walk to the mirror

And see your reflection stare at you bitter

You pinch at your too big breasts

And no one's there to tell you just give it a rest

You start to swear

Because you sense the tears

But you wipe them away

And walk away with an uncertain sway


You head to music class

And then curse at that smartass

You wish you could be like her

But that's not the looks of your fur

She sings a song and everyone starts to clap

But you just mutter to yourself cut the crap

'Cause you know you don't need a fa├žade

You're already abused by tirades


You sit at the far side of the bleachers

Trying to avoid your classmates and teachers

And he suddenly yells good hit

Everyone claps but you think this is shit

So you stand up and gather your stuff

You don't bother to act tough

And you walk slowly away from the game

But you just want to cry so then you quicken your pace

You reach the bus stop

And feel the wet tears drying on your oversized top


You open the door to home

And see your perfect little brother studying about Rome

You head to the kitchen and see the cupboard ajar

And you just couldn't stop yourself from grabbing that chocolate bar

Your mom tells you to wait for her in the living room

And you silently mutter this is my doom

Your mom asks how was your day

But you don't want to rage

So you shake your head and leave

Vanish like the ghost called Peeves

You open your chemistry book

But you barely took one look

Before slamming your head on your small table

And you think why am I always beings labeled

You scratch at the birthday photo with those bitches

Who used to be your friends but now they just act all rich-kid

You wonder why nothing ever goes right

And all you can do is grab the chocolate bar and take a bite


You wonder why everything is always amiss

As you head over to the abyss

It is your safe haven

Where you can relax and avoid being bitten

But today your purpose is different

You don't just want to stare at the chasm and rant

You look up at the sky

And ask yourself why is everyone so sly

You hop over the rail and approach the concrete edge

And wonder if the only object of remembrance at your funeral will be your school badge

You're just an inch from spiraling down away from the hate

And you don't want to hesitate

'Cause you just want to jump

And take the plunge

'Cause you wish you'd just die

And so gladly say bye


I know along the way you've met many bumps

But nevertheless I say Please Don't Jump

So I say I know you think you're beyond repair

'Cause you hear everyone say you reek of despair

I say I know you've been through many bumps

But nevertheless Please Don't Jump

'Cause then we'll never see you smile again

And that'd hurt 'cause we'll know you just ran

And then what do you think will be in that email they all forward

They're gonna say you were just that coward


But you're still standing there wearing that mask

Probably thinking what I said is an impossible task

So I continue

Because I don't want that smoothie shop you work for to hire someone new

I tell you to stay strong

'Cause your life is still long

If you'll just let it be

We can sort through your problems and have a cup of tea


You turn around to face me

You smile with your teeth

But then you shake your head and say please don't tell

And before I open my mouth you say don't ask what the hell

But I don't think I've failed

So when I see your hands leave the rail

I call your name

And tell you I am not fake

I say I know you've had it rough

And you think everyone else is just so tough

And I know along the way there were many bumps

But nevertheless Please Don't Jump

P.S. Michael Palin - If you're out there somewhere, I just want you to know I was going to dedicate this poem to you but this is obviously about a girl and as I've said, I have no idea what you're going through right now and it's probably not like anything I've written so I didn't know if I should. But I do really want you to read this and I hope you'll find it just a bit inspiring or helpful because I really do wish you the best :)