Little girl, how you annoy me

With your conceited youthful air.

Do you know what you've stolen

From me little girl?

Do you know how little

I care to share?


Little girl, little girl

Be careful where you tread.

For I have been where

You stand now and

The view can only last

So long.

You will be thrown from grace

Little girl.


Tiny, inconsequential girl,

You are merely my shadow.

Delude, deluded, delusional-

You'll see the truth soon enough.

A child choose another

But that child is a monster

And it collects hearts

To leave shells in its wake.


Little, little girl

Silly, foolish child

Hardly even grown

Bright eyed and shining

Take a bit of heed,

won't you?

Bitterness and envy are but a drop

Of what I can share with you.


Oh little, silly girl

Your incessant

Praising babble,

It will stop.


Oh child,

Don't you see what's become of me?