Hello! I'm NewbieWriter02 (since the pen name NewbieWriter has been taken by someone else :/) This is my first story and first chapter of my multi-chaptered story. I hope that you guys will like it!


Everyone has a specific dream to follow right? And to complete that dream, you should put effort into anything that you do that is related to it right? For me, I want to be the best journalist there is, and to achieve that, well, I have to get into the best class of the best school. Entrance exam for the S-list in St. Pierre Worth Academy is going on, and here I am in front of the school gates staring at particularly anything and anyone, clutching the piece of paper on my hand, I entered the school, having no clue as to where the exam is taking place. Looking strangely out of place, I reread the writing of the paper on my hand


it said, finding rooms were no problem if the school isn't as huge and high-tech multiple NASA space stations. In my attempt at blindly finding the said room, I turned into various corners, walked in unnecessary classrooms, and have mistaken bathrooms as the faculty room. One girl however caught my attention, not because she looked like a fashion icon with all that make-up and accessories dangling around her, no, it's not that what drew my attention to the girl, what drew me to her is the fact that she looked as lost and confused as me. Without thinking it through, I walked over to her and talked to her.

"Umm, if you don't mind, do you know where room 602 SCIENCE ROOM is?"

The girl blinked her awfully thick eyelashes as she stared into me. Truth be told, I was actually scared by her and her choice of make-up.

"Could ya possibly like, totes gonna go and take like, the S-list exam?"

She answered my question with another question. Great. She's still staring at me and is warily inspecting me as if I'm the kind of person who sucks at fashion trends. I'm not saying that I'm a fashion diva, no, but I'm also not a dorky and nerdy looking loser with freckles, buck tooth, braces and glasses. I can say that I'm above average in my knowledge regarding fashion.

"Umm...Yes...Yes I am"

a few seconds after I gave her my answer, she flung her arms around me and gave me a hug. Needless to say, I was surprised but did not make any action to stop the girl. Who knows? Maybe she could become a friend.

"Like, OMG, me too! I'm like, totally lost and you came and you're like, totes my most fabulous superhero!"

She said while hugging me like a stuffed animal.

"So, you're like, clueless as to where room 602 SCIENCE ROOM is?"

My statement made me tick off a little, the word 'like' is contagious and I don't even like talking like that. The girl's answer was only a very discouraged nod.

"Oh! Like, I've totes forgot to like, introduce he fabulous me! My name is Beatrice Claymore, but since you're like, my fabulous best friend now, you can like, totes call me 'Trix'!"

She said too loud for my liking. She stuck out her hand with perfectly manicured and artistically painted nails. Her rose red lips curled up forming a smile. The fact that she self-proclaimed that I'm her 'totes fabulous best friend' is kind of annoying but nevertheless I was glad to have a friend at the start of the school year.

"My name is Lilliane Edelweiss; most people call me Lily though. Nice to meet you Beatrice."

I said while shaking her hand. She puffed her cheeks a little and reminded me to call her 'Trix' since she claimed that 'Beatrice' is so long to pronounce. And the fact that I'm her best friend.

"BTW, your name is like, totes cool and fabulous, aren't like, Lily and Edelweiss flowers?"

She asked titling her head a little, I nodded and she grinned.

"That's totally awesome! And we need to totally like, hurry up and find 602 SCIENCE ROOM! We don't want to like, fail because of totes being late!"

She grab a hold of my hand and dragged me along the way. Trix's purple eyes were fixed on the hallway, determined to find 602 SCIENCE ROOM. We were lucky to have found 602 SCIENCE ROOM much quicker than we expected.

A few seconds after me and Trix were seated on our chosen seats, the teacher came in and the exam started. I wouldn't say that the exam was hard but, I also wouldn't say that it was easy. some of the questions were easy, some were difficult, and some were questions that I'm not quite prepared of. But fate seemed to be by my side, since I miraculously finished the test knowing that I'm still mentally and physically alive.

Right after the exam is over; Trix came over to me looking not less than a zombie fashionista. She wobbled her way to get to me. She clutched my uniform, whining on how hard the test was. I comforted her saying that as long as we did our best, we could pass the exam. Immediately, Beatrice's purple eyes came to life. She grabbed both of my hands and smiled.

"Yes, you're like, totes right! We can totes pass that so unfabulous exam!"

I only gave her one of my reassuring smiles and nods.

"BTW, do you want to like, grab something to like, eat? I'm like totes hungry and thirsty after taking like, that so unfabulous exam!"

I blinked and stared at her

"B-but, we've just met a few hours ago."

I said and she snorted.

"So like, what? You're like, my fabulous BFF, whether you like, like it or not. So no use in declining since it's my treat and we're going!"

Without hearing my answer, she dragged me out of the school and into a cafe nearby. She got herself a latte while I got some cold lemonade. Lemonades are my favorite, it's the same color as my eyes and hair. We chatted for a while to pass time. Giving facts about each other and giving each other questions to answer.

"Say, why do you want to enter the S-class?"

She asked me with curious eyes. I stared at her and smiled as I gave my reply.

"I want to be the best of the best journalist there is, and after thinking to myself, I've come to the conclusion that to achieve my dream, I have to be on the best class of the best school. What about you?"

I returned the question; she in return smiled and said 'nothing'


I repeated again.

"Yup. I just want to test if that exam is as hard as what I had in mind. But of course, I also totes, gave my best in that exam since like, there is this nagging like, voice in my head saying that I need to like, pass no matter what"

She laughed and sipped her drink. After finishing our drinks and after a few more chats, we bid goodbye and head for our respective houses.

"So like, totes see you next week!~"

She waved goodbye and ran off to her street.

The walk home was peaceful and quiet. I was actually happy that I have an obnoxious, loud and a fashionista as my first friend this school year. As soon as I got home, I didn't bother to greet my mother and went straight to bed. I plopped myself on the bed not caring if my uniform got wrinkles, not caring that my hair would get tangled, not caring about my shoes that are still slipped on and definitely not caring about the test result.

All I'm caring about is that I need to get some sleep on my comfy bed.


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