S-List Chapter 4 – Chemical Reaction

Remember how I said that I hated being woken up early on Saturdays? Well, I was mistaken.


This time, no one barged in my room, but what happened was much worse than anyone barging in my room. What woke me up from my deep slumber was a loud explosion. It honestly made me wide awake. Well, what can you expect? Explosions don't happen on a daily basis on a human's life you know?

I grunted and slipped out of bed. I glared at my room window as if saying that I put all the blame to the window for letting me hear that horrible explosion. I went out of my room not caring about my blonde hair being overly messy and not caring about my yellow eyes that are probably looking like a zombie. As soon as I opened my bedroom door, what greeted me is a VERY zombie like and un-fashionista like Beatrice. Her once bright and sparkling purple eyes had dark circles under it, her brown hair is more of a mess than mine and her pajamas are full of wrinkles! I can't imagine just how 'behaved' she is in bed while sleeping!

Anyways, Beatrice's looks in the morning is the least of my concern, with an irritated look I opened the front door to see what's going on outside, right after the door was opened, a flash of yellow came in the dormitory in an instant charging to go at the back of the couch.


A head popped out of the back of the couch, I stared at the boy behind it. He has strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and he has those 3D colored goggles (you know that one side is blue and one red?) up his head. I blinked but I did oblige, even though I don't know this guy. I kept on staring at the blonde guy that is behind the couch. When I stared at him enough, I noticed that he was to one who was at the bus playing paper planes.

Even though I'm cool with him barging in our dorm and suddenly hiding behind the couch and ordered us to close our own door, Beatrice is far less than okay, since well; she just woke up in the worst way possible.

"OI YOU! What do you want and what are you doing here?"

Beatrice said with an irritated voice. The blonde became nervous as he faced Beatrice, his 3D colored goggles becoming out of place on top of his head.

"W-well… I'm sorry to intrude and all but I'm just hiding from my best friend. Oh! And if a guy happens to knock here and ask you guys if you saw me, please tell him no! Please! My life is on the line!"

The guy said with pleading eyes. I actually pitied the guy but like I said, the Beatrice now doesn't give a damn. She stomped her way to the boy and grabbed his shirt collar while glaring.

"And why do you think we are going to do what you said? You just barged in our dorm without warning and now you're ordering us!? WE'RE NOT MAIDS YOU KNOW!?"

That's it. Beatrice broke. Mental note to myself: Don't wake Beatrice up on early mornings, she's worse than me.

The guy was shivering in fear, he hold his hands up so that it will be in-between Beatrice and him.

"W-well…I-I'm sorry but like I said…My life is on—"


Beatrice snapped. The boy got even more scared and scrambled his way to me with those fearsome and pleading eyes.

"Please, let me stay here for a little more!"

He pleaded me. To be honest, I didn't know how to reply. He was grabbing my pajamas as if he's holding for dear life with the use of my clothes and I'm just here standing dumbfounded on what to say.


I was lost for words. Thankfully someone knocked on the door. The guy paled and then he enters to the nearest door and locked it with Beatrice following him, slamming her hand on the door repeatedly shouting at the guy to get out and never to come back.

The one outside knocked again. I stared at the door thinking it twice whether to open it or not. What if the one outside is the one who that guy fears? And if that person is, then what if he kills us all?

I dumped those questions at the back of my mind and answered the door. I opened it only to reveal a guy about the same age as me with messy black hair, blue eyes with glasses a lab coat and a goofy grin. He looks harmless enough.

"Is there…anything that you need?"

I asked awkwardly. The guy looked like he just came out of an explosion—wait…This guy and that blonde are probably the ones who caused that explosion. Well, whatever.

The seaweed head (His hair is literally like seaweeds!) peeked and wondered his eyes inside the dorm. I raised an eyebrow while looking at him. Doesn't he know that it's rude not to answer people's questions? I cleared my throat and it seemed that it's enough to get his attention to me.

"Umm…sorry to interrupt but, have you seen a blonde guy with brown eyes and 3D goggles?"

The seaweed head asked with an innocent smile. I opened my mouth to say no, but Beatrice suddenly came up dragging a very depressed blonde to the door.


Beatrice shouted in a Not-So-Beatrice kind of way. The seaweed head smiled while the blonde manages to get away from Beatrice and ran further inside the dormitory.


The seaweed head ran past me and into the house. Again, I was dumbfounded at these crazy people suddenly coming into my life. I mean, I just wanted to be a decent journalist not the odd-one-out of a group of weirdos And again, Beatrice is FAR from being happy with the situation.


The blonde, who is apparently named 'Dimitri' said running inside the house, while the said 'Nikolai' or seaweed head is following him suddenly holding a sort of helmet with a bulb at the top.

"Aw come on Dimitri!~ Just try it on! It won't hurt!"

Nikolai said chasing Dimitri with a goofy grin on his face, and it seems that he is not going to get exhausted at the moment. Poor Dimitri could do nothing but run.

The mad chase was stopped when Beatrice roared like a lion.


That outburst caught me off guard. This is a side I would never imagine Beatrice would have! It was effective though. Nikolai and Dimitri stopped and looked at the pissed Beatrice in front of them. In fear that she might kill someone on the second day in campus, I suggested that she should go to the bathroom to take a bath, pamper herself and be the 'Beatrice' I know. She scoffed and walked away, not before glaring venomously at the two guys, who immediately tensed.

Once Beatrice is off the picture, I went in front of the two boys to confront them.

"So…Why are you guys chasing each other? And, are you the ones who caused that explosion a while ago?"

I asked them. They shifted their gazes as if saying that they don't want to answer my question.

"Well? Answer me."

I said rather harsh and demanding. The two boys just tensed up again but this time Dimitri got the courage to speak.

"W-well…that explosion part. Yes, that was caused by this guy beside me."

Dimitri said, earning a glare from the seaweed head.

"No I did not!"

Nikolai defended. Dimitri only rolled his eyes and continued on with his explanation.

"Apparently, he was making a new device in our dorm. He accidentally mixed two substances which are not supposed to be mixed and that caused the explosion. As for why we are chasing each other…Well, this guy…wants me to test his new invention…Which sucks and I know will not work."

Nikolai pouted and suddenly puts the helmet onto Dimitri's head which earned a shocked look from the blonde.

"What the—Get it off me!"

Dimitri demanded. He tried pulling it off his head but to no avail. It's stuck.

"My inventions do not suck! And they all work! Just be a good boy and test it! That device will only show us what you're thinking!"

Nikolai grabbed something from his lab coat pocket which seemed like a remote and he pushed a button. While Nikolai is operating the supposed helmet, Dimitri is still trying every (futile) attempt to get the helmet off of him. After a few seconds, the bulb at the top of the helmet glowed and showed a virtual screen with Nikolai strapped upside-down and Dimitri hitting him with a bat.

Again, I was there, just standing and staring at the weird people in front of me.

"Okay so, you guys caused the explosion—"

"Only him"

Dimitri pointed at Nikolai as he cut me off.


Nikolai then smacked Dimitri's shoulder. Which Dimitri didn't seem to mind.

"And, you're chasing each other because Dimitri doesn't want to test your invention?"

I continued my question and they both nodded.

"Who in their right mind would be testing a device that can probably kill you!?"

Dimitri said in a matter-of-factly tone while flailing his arms around. Nikolai puffed his cheeks in a childish manner and glared at Dimitri.


Nikolai retorted, still glaring at the blonde boy. As if on cue, Beatrice came to the living room to see the ruckus. Nikolai and Dimitri immediately shut up. The helmet on Dimitri's head showing pictures of a very distorted and medusa looking Beatrice, but of course the Beatrice now ignored the pictures the helmet showed since she's sexy and she knows it.

"So, have you two like, made up with each other? Since you guys like, totes being here is kind of like, annoying. And the fact that you suddenly, like, totes ran around the dorm is also like, annoying, you know?"

I sighed with relief; finally the Beatrice I know is back. The two guys blinked and stared at Beatrice as if she's totally a person that they did not meet before.

"Why don't we like, sit on the couch and like, talk? My feet are like, totes hurting!"

Beatrice whined and she plopped herself to the couch. She patted the empty space next to her indicating for the others to sit down. The blonde and the seaweed head obliged and sat down on the couch, while I sat down on one of the armchairs.

"So like, what do you guys like, totes want? And what are like, the reasons why you guys are like, here in our dorm?"

Beatrice asked them, crossing her legs. The two explained what were they doing and why were they chasing each other. By this point, Nikolai took the helmet off of Dimitri who in return was more than happy, grateful and relieved.

"So you guys are like, just fooling around? Psh! Like, totally! You guys are like children! Get over it!"

Beatrice said with random hand gestures. Nikolai shrugged and shook his head.

"We're sorry for the trouble we've caused you, it will never happen again. I promise you that"

Nikolai said with a smile on his face. He actually looked like an innocent boy who could never wake people up by blowing up things, but then again, he's only like that when he has that smile on. I saw Dimitri nod and he stuck out his hand.

"Yes, we're very sorry; I hope that you will forgive us. By the way, I'm Dimitri Popescus, and he is Nikolai Asenov."

Dimitri said firmly. Beatrice nodded and she shook his hand indicating that she accepted their apology.

"Apology like, accepted. I would like to like, totes also apologize because of my like, totes unfabulous like manners a while ago."

Beatrice said with a smile. The pair only returned the smile.

"By the way my name is Beatrice Claymore! It's like, totes nice to meet the two of you!~"

Beatrice said in a cheerful voice.

"But since we're friends you can totes like, call me 'Trix' since ugh, well, Beatrice is like, too long to pronounce!"

Beatrice demanded. The two nodded with a smile.

"Trix it is!"

Dimitri said enthusiastically. It seems that his fear for Beatrice is gone now. I don't know if it's good or not. Silence soon followed Dimitri's sentence and I felt that all of their gazes are directed at me. I got nervous as I remembered that I've not introduced myself yet.

"A-ah…I'm s-sorry! Hehe….My name is Lilliane Edelweiss. But you can call me Lily, nice to meet the two of you"

I said flashing them one of my 'moe' smiles. Or so my mother says.

"It's totally awesome to meet you Lily!"

Dimitri said. He's like a new person after that early morning incident. He became more obnoxious, loud and happy.

Too happy.

I nodded and decided that if we have some guest, we should at least offer them something.

"N-no it's okay Lily! Really! W-we've caused you so much trouble already! A-and plus we're going to leave!"

Nikolai said embarrassed and he looks troubled.

"We really don't mind the things that you did in here. And why leave now? It's only 9 in the morning."

I said as I got up from the armchair to go to the kitchen. Nikolai grabbed my pajama sleeve and tugged them.

"Y-you really don't have to! We…ah e-err…I mean…I've…I've still got to study for tomorrow! Tomorrow's the first day of school! S-so uhh….a-and! Dimitri will have to help me study so…t-thank you anyways!"

Nikolai said in a hurry. He grabbed Dimitri's arm and ran to the door.

"Sorry! He's just not used to people serving him! Thanks for the offer anyways!"


And then here I was, along with Beatrice. We we're both dumbfounded by the duo, or more like, Nikolai's sudden actions. Blinking and staring at the wide open front door, Beatrice broke the silence asking one of the worst questions that ever existed.

"So…like, school's tomorrow….Should we like, study?"

She asked in a soft voice. I sat back down and sighed.

"I'm not prepared damn it!"

I screamed grabbing a chunk of my hair and pulling it. Beatrice only laughed and suggested that we should just study for the whole day to prepare for tomorrow.

Today is going to be a long day.

"I see that the boy grew up well,"

A voice of a man that is probably in his late 50s said while smirking, he was looking at bio-datas of the students in the academy, he was also staring at the computer screen which displayed the places where CCTV cameras were placed. He was quite amused at the things that he saw early in the morning.

"Yes, Sir. The chip is also working well with his body. No violent reactions were recorded ever since we implanted that chip into the boy."

This time, it was a voice of a woman; it was rather calm and motherly-like.

"He's much smarter that we've expected, heh, our weekly meals would be extra delicious."

Mischief and murder laced the words of the man.

"The others in our fish-tank are lively too. All of them might be tasty. But, remember to save the best for last~"

The woman said, having the same tone as with the man, her motherly-figure is now forgotten.

"Yes, you're quite right. This year's batch is surely wonderful. I can't wait to taste them. One by one, of course, just like you said, the 'special' one needs to be the last one to be savored."

After saying those words full of mysteries, the man laughed like a psychopath with an attempt of murder. The woman held back a giggle but soon was laughing maniacally along with the man.

At a corner of the room, a fish tank was displayed. All in all there are 30 fishes in the fish tank; all are cowering at a corner of their tank.