This is a story of a guy named Ian.

He is a guy with a personality which is nobody seems to like. He has a pleasant personality, great taste in almost everything, music, fashion even movies. But he is doomed to isolation.

7 years before.

The year was 2006, Ian, he was 13 years old at that particular year. That one night, it was weekend; it was the horrible but worth remembered weekend. He lies down on his bed as usual at 1 o'clock late in the morning, after watching some late night horror movie. Somehow it was hard for him to rest his eyes; he saw some visions, particularly, premonitions. He was panicking. Quickly, he makes himself fall asleep.

Morning bell rang, and it was 6 a.m.. He kept thinking of that premonition, one in particular, he saw, he was destined to free a village from some trapped souls. Eerie as it sounds, he really had no clue on what he got to do.

Staring at the sun rising from the sky of dawn, it was so unimaginable, how God singly can create this whole universe. The visions still lingers in his mind. That afternoon, he was walking in some village named Vaughn's Town. His limbs directed to that village somehow by God's will. He was walking towards the City Hall, there where he had met the mayor namely Mr. Coppersons. The mayor greet him, "hey, lad, I never seen you around here.". "Yes Sir, I am Ian, Ian McFreud, I am from that Southern Villa. Nice to meet you sir.". "Oh my. What brings you to this humble town mine, lad?". "No, I just walking around, when I stumble upon your town. I hope I did not offend, but why does it look so unproductive?". "Oh, not to worry lad, it is just that this town is not at its peak now. How should I put this? It is cursed.".

Mr. Coppersons told everything about the town to Ian. He was a little bit excited at the same time freak out. His premonition is real. The mayor told him, "About 700 years ago, this town was called the Witches' Own. There were three sisters who lived in that town, their names were, Annabeth, Monique, and Sofea. Of all them, Sofea was their elder sister, followed by Annabeth and then Monique. They were all twin separated by seconds. Their mother was the outcast of the village, while their father was some yet to be found. Nine month of pain and agony, the mother carried the three children in her womb. Later, they were brought to this world. They lost their mother. They were raised up in the forest by the wolves and elves. They learnt survivor skills from the wolves and sorcery from the elves. 25 years later, they built a town, Witches' Own.

With the power they have, and with the help of their 'family', the town proceed to completion in a single day. They witches were very kind, they treat everyone nicely even strangers. They give people shelter when people have no place to live; they provide food and drinks when people were famished.

Once, the population grew its number to about 100 people. The people of the town sort of worshiping these witches. The witches never asked for more, just to never deny them as their gods.

The townsmen agree. This pagan practice of worshiping these witches has to stop. One day, a missionary visited the town. The witches sense a doomsday waiting. To cut the story short, the witches tried to stray this one man away from God's way. They tried by giving him women, wealth, and wishes. But he said that he needs only one thing. Repent. They cast a spell on him in front of all the townspeople, but it warded off. The people amazed, the witches' wrath started to ablaze. Sofea cast a spell onto the town, Annabeth cast a spell onto the people and Monique amplified their spells. It was so terrifying; all the soul was ripped out of the body. They witches cursed the town and the souls to never achieve serenity. Then they perish. The missionary was the only one survived. He was my ancestor. He has entrusted his son and the sons after him to look after this town when he had gone, until it finally free.".

Listening to that story gave Ian goose bumps. "Wow, mister, it actually happened here? I never knew that." actually he did, he did had premonitions first was about to free those souls, but the other remain unclear until now. "Well, lad, 700 years had passed now. My father entrusted this town to me with it people all 30 of them. Plus, all of them are in bad condition. As long as the ward is here so is the plague." Ian needs to convince him that he has the one with the ability to help them. But how? It is late in the evening, the watch around his wrist strikes 7 o'clock. He need to get back soon before his mom and dad yells at him. He quickly rushes home.

Knock... Knock...

"I'm home." Ian signalled his arrival. "About time, dinner is almost ready dear. Quickly take your shower.". Mrs. Rosie McFreud is a loving mother, rarely she get mad at her three sons. Ian elder brothers, Zach and Seth are the prankster of the family, the head of the family is Mr. Wes McFreud, and he is a very responsible father yet caring at the same time strict. Dinner is served. They dined together talked and talked. Whilst, in Ian's mind the town, the premonition, the curse, is still, playing in repeat. Just like a broken record. His brother asked him, "Ian! Eat you steak or let me have them. Just kidding. Are you thinking of your girlfriend? Oh wait you don't have a girlfriend.". "You can have them.". "Girlfriend or steak?" his brother being sarcastic. "Both." Ian replied. Mom asked, "What's the matter Ian? Are you sick?". "No mom." Ian replied. Ian added, "May I be excused?". "Sure dear." mom replied with a worried tone. Mr. and Mrs. McFreud talk quietly when Ian is gone, when Mr. McFreud jump to a conclusion, "It is nothing, it is just a phase, maybe he is in 'that' phase, you what I mean." Everybody sigh with excitation, "owhhhhh."