Chapter Twenty Five – Royalty

Ellis' P.O.V

She wanted me! She actually felt something for me! I saw it in her eyes, in those beautiful violet eyes.

My vision was coming true. The vision I prayed for years to be true is actually happening.

Lucinda is there, wearing next to nothing, her soft charcoal hair hung kindly over her shoulders, hiding her breasts. She was biting her lip lightly and held a seductive glare. Her skin was so pale, so fragile. She looked at me with such desire and want. We ignited the bed sheets with our love and my life was completed.

Okay, so maybe I didn't actually see us make love, but it was implied. It's strange, when I had the vision it kept her face hidden like a deep secret tucked away for no one's eyes to see. But now, when I look back and remember what has been permanently carved into my brain for the last 250 years, I see her. I see Lucinda Fisher as clear as day. It is like the blanks have been filled it.

I smile into the door she closed in my face, and turned away from my love, my Lucinda; my Alkaia.

My room is only two doors down from hers and I get there in no time.

The room is simple, standard, like this whole wing. I don't know why the Queen decided on this part of the castle for our stay but I'm okay with it. I will be dammed before I piss off the White Queen. `

A bed, a desk and a small bathroom. Everything I needed. I promised Lucy I would help her, and I'm not doing that by running away.

Typhon will break free from the chains that bind him to Mt. Edna and when that happens, it is up to her to kill him. How? I have no idea. And I don't think she knows either.

So, yeah. That was weird. I think that's the first time I wanted to grab Ellis and kiss him. I mean, he just seemed perfect in my eyes. Like a Greek god, a forbidden fruit. What was happening to me? I've never been this slutty before? Being an Angel has made me into a whore. How ironic?

I peel off my clothes and place on an old nightgown that was hung on the door of the bathroom. The white cotton is soft against my cold skin. I step my way across the room getting ready to pass out on my bed when a sharp pain rips its way through my soul, mind and body. Even my hidden wings burned inside my skin. My bones crushed inside me, and every organ is reduced to cinders.

My legs gave way under my painful weight. I heave for the breath that my lungs desperately crave. I inch my way towards the small, single bed at the corner of my room. After pulling myself up onto the quilted bed and crawling under the covers, I wither in pain until I eventually pass out.

A bright sun splits through the room's window and blinds me as I weakly open them. I waste no time on jumping out and getting a long shower.

I try to scrub away the feeling of lost hope and confusion. Although, looking down at the interlinked Celtic tattoos of the elements that surrounded my body, the emotions would not wash away that easy. Why was I in so much pain last night? Maybe I have a new tattoo, but my skin remained unchanged.

A silk, long-sleeve, lavender gown was laid out on my freshly-made bed. I slip into it easily and study it. It was plain and had a dark shade of purple lace overlaid the top and made its way down the sides of the skirt. It was simple and reached down to the bottom of my feet. A small pair up ballet flats, the same colour, sat neatly on floor. After putting my feet in them, I skip out of the room, generally feeling happier.

That soon disappears when I see Kacey standing in front of my door, hand raised ready to knock.

"Hey," he says casually.

"Hi." I look up at his black hair and violet eyes. He was amazingly handsome, with his scruffy-but-styled hair and cocky smile. "Did you want something?"

"Well, eh…" he spoke in a weak voice with his eyes looking at me under his brow. "I was just wondering if you'd teach me some things, Selenic wise."

"Oh," Kacey Grey actually asking someone for help? And me of all people. "Of course." My lips contort into a proud smile. "Now?"

Kacey examines my outfit and all my confidence fizzles. I know it is very old-fashioned, and a bit… well, weird. "Why not?" he smiles, a cute, sweet, loving smile and a lump forms in my throat.

He was so in love with me, and I'm not being vain here, I've felt it when he touches me. I can feel everything he feels when our skin connects, his emotions, his memories; I can feel him.

His hand slips into mine and ice begins to form at the bottom of my sleeve. I don't think he even notices it, no one seems too. I can sense my fingers freeze, but I don't want him to let go as he pulls me down the hall.


The emotion pushes through our connection and soon it is the only thing I feel, causing a giddy smile to capture my lips.

At the end of the hall our rooms are on was a winding staircase leading up a stone tower.

"Have you been to Atlantis before?" He seems to know where we are going, but I have no idea.

"Yes, I have. I keep forgetting your new to this." He looks back at me as he takes the steps by two. "You're just so powerful." He laughs sweetly and my heart seizes.

Kacey Grey is a god. He looks like he should be working at Abercrombie & Fitch. His eyes mirror mine as he stops beside a wooden door. If my Golden-Winged Angel-Demon Hybrid wasn't in the picture, Kacey would have been a dream come true. In the town I grew up in, Kacey would have a hard time fending off the girls with a stick.

He pulls the door open in one quick sweep and a sun appears again. Grassy, green field fill my vision and beautiful orchids with exotic fruits make my mouth water. The scent of rare flowers like the Ghost Orchid and the Middlemist Red capture my nose with their light, pure smell. A thick white forest sits in the distance of the picturesque garden. Amazing Jade Vines grow on old columns of rough marble and animals I've never seen before run around our legs.

A cute, small, black and yellow stripped kitten-like animal with long pointed-up ears and sharp teeth purrs and looks up at me with big, green eyes. It yawns and snuggles into my foot before drifting to sleep.

"What is it?" I whisper to Kacey as we both stare down at thee cutest thing I've ever seen.

"Tiger Mouse." He says gently into my ear. I pick up the stripped mouse and cradle it in my arms like a teeny-tiny baby.

"Does it belong to anyone?" I ask, scratching the Tiger Mouse underneath its chin.

"She belongs to you." He smiles and goes to pet her. Although she hisses and growl causing Kacey to quickly retreat his hand. "An animal can pick its master here on Atlantis, looks like she picked you." He takes up my arm again after I place her on the ground.

"How do you know it's a girl?" I ask, not willing to look 'below'.

"Male Tiger Mice have blue strips instead of yellow." He leads us through a natural-made labyrinth until we reach a clearing.

Time is growing thin; I must get her to train me now before Typhon rises.

My concentration that keeps him out of my head slips and his thoughts brush against mine. Series of mindless slurs whisk their way in, but I try not to hear. It succeeds all but one.

She looks so amazing in the sun's rays. Her eyes highlight the whole garden. It's as if she is Gaia, Mother Nature, herself.

I slip out of his hold and proceed into the flower-filled meadow.

"What do you want to learn?" I look up at Kacey and drink him down. The light falls directly on him and magnifies his sun-kissed skin. He didn't have high cheek bones like Ellis and Phoenix, but he did have a strong jaw line. His perfect teeth unveil themselves when he smiles and I can't help but notice his dimples ignite into his cheeks. His hair falls over one eye slightly, and when he lifts his hands to clear his perception, I see the white gold wedding ring on his finger. I look down at my own bare hand and shed a tear I didn't realise I had.

My fingers brush it away quickly and I turn from his gaze. I can still feel his purple eyes on me, burning into me; into my soul. I take in an unsteady breath and scratch my arm, trying to distract myself.

"Let's start with the forcefield, shall we, Lucinda?" he wears a cocky grin like a mask, his eyebrows hitched up like he knew what I was thinking.

"Okay and maybe after you can teach me the whole out-of-body experience thing I heard about, where you can be asleep in one room and your spirit can be walking around another." I sit crossed-leg on the soft ground and flick my finger for him to follow. Once he agrees to my request and takes a seat in front of me, I begin. "Think of protection, and use your element."

Scarlett's P.O.V

Seeing Ellis take flight with his silver wings brings tears to my eye. I don't know when he'll be back but my heart squeezes with the thought of him staying here. Demons have surrounded the village and he was lucky to get out with Kacey when he did.

The citizens of Hidden Hollow gallop to the entrance in an attempt to stop the Demons breaking through, with spears and swords in their hands. Women and Children scream and cry as their fathers and husband charge into the dragon's mouth. There are far too many Demons for the Centaurs to fight off.

"Scarlett, we must go." Adam pulls on my arm, trying to get me to leave although I have no plan on backing down.

"Adam," I cup his face in my hands and looking deeply into his electric blue eyes. "The time to fight for your village is now, if you cannot do this then what will you be like when Typhon rises. Your people are in danger. Save them." I press a longing kiss into his lips before twirling around and unfurling my wings. The spread out wide as my enraged gaze take in the Demons. They're must be 300 hundred of them visible, but what the Centaurs can't see is the others finding in the tall trees. They hold Spirit Swords and Silver Guns, aiming at the Centaurs.

"Adam, help defend the gate. I'll be okay." I look back at the love of my life and see that he has changed into his half-horse form.

"Be safe." He bends down and kisses my head before cantering off towards his fellow subjects. His mother, Andromeda, Queen of Hidden Hollow, should be proud. Although, she is ashamed her son is a Healer and not a Warrior. Adam is thee most courageous man I know, and even if the Goddess chose him to be a Healer, he can still fight better than most men.

I press my palms to the dusty ground and call my element. My nose fills with the smell of grassy meadows and flowers and I can feel the ghost of grass beneath my feet.

"Earth, I call you today." I speak in a strong voice. "Let the trees have life and a mind of their own, destroy the Demons!" I shout and push my element into the ground. I look up to see the trees sway unnaturally before the soil around them shakes and feet-looking roots burst out. Their branches come down like arms and crush the Demons that hung on their shoulders. I smile with victory until I notice the barricaded gate being knocked down. The protection spell that surrounded the village wouldn't let the Demons fly over it's walls but now that the gate has been shattered, all hope will be lost for the safety of the Centaurs homes. Men and Women come at me with their swords raised high above their heads but I remain on my knees.

How could the Demons neglect their element and think weapons were better? I tell the earth to spout vines and it obeys. Dozen of green, healthy, thorn-pricked vines ascend from the earth and tightly wrap around each Demon like they were pythons and squeeze until they can no longer breathe. But that won't kill them, not unless any of them were weak Neptonics.

Angel Eye.

A man and a woman are Neptonics, and I can barely see their element. Thanks to Lucy's information of Demoncraft, Angels were able to study a few Demons that they captured from the ambush. What the Demons don't know is that the potion makes them weak, and the Demons I had in my hold soon crumbled, well one did. The girl just died, her body became limp and I let the earth free her.

She was Clean, but nevertheless, a Demon. Although, she did not destroy her body with Human blood and deserves a burial. The Angels give it to Clean Demons.

I call over a warrior to kill the rest of them, as they struggle and scream hateful empty gestures.

"Oh wait till I get my hands on you, you little bitch." One shouts. He's a Cronic, although a weak one at that. The potion they ingest may make them powerful in another element temporarily, but it weakens their original element permanently.

"I'll have your head on a pike by the end of tonight, emo whore." A girl shouts.

I recognized her; she was from my high school, Rebecca Stewart.

One day she was driving down Termon when a truck crashed into her. The driver of the truck had a heart attack while driving; he survived while Rebecca was in a coma for 18 months. When she awoke eventually, and to my surprised was a Nephilim. I never saw her at the University, and I never saw her mark.

Soon she became hateful and mean, and finally dropped out school. She disappeared after that, no one knew where or why. I guess she wasn't a Nephilim at all, she was a Pawn. Unfortunately, Rebecca is a Cronic, and very powerful at that. I can see her dark, twisted element pulsing strongly inside her. She phases out of the Vines' hold right before the warrior slits her throat.

I can't see where she lands, but I can feel her eyes on me.

"Scarlett, Retreat!" Adam shouts as he dashes towards me. He holds out his arm and lifts me onto his back. I wrap my arms around his waist and press my head to his back. "Demons are surrounding the village, we only have a few minutes before the reach the back gate." I nod into him and turn around on his back so I'm facing the groups of Demons that are chase the Centaurs and I.

I lift my hands up and build a wall of earth before the Demons, but many have already taken flight. I use the rest of my energy to try and hit Neptonics out of the sky.

Once we're outside of the Gate, I tell Adam to find us a Cronic. While I'm still on his back, he grabs another Centaur by the arm and leads her away from the chaos.

"Adam," The black-haired woman smiles at him once we reach the creek. "What do you need my help with?"

Both have changed into their human form, I don't know how their clothes just appear again but it always happens. You'd think they'd just reappear naked.

"Well, it's Scarlett who wanted the Cronic." Adam looks back at me with big eyes. His floppy brown hair sits perfectly on his head and a sweet smile spreads his lips.

"I need you to take us to Ballyshannon."

Adam and I stayed the night at Lucy's house, crammed into her small single bed. We tried to open the other door but it was locked.

Adam breathes softly into his pillow while waves of nausea crash into me. I jump up from the bed quietly and run to the bathroom before puking my guts up. This went on for a lovely 25 minutes before I was dry heaving.

I flush the toilet and groan as I stumble to the tap. I bend my mouth down into the stream of water and drink like there was no tomorrow.

After brushing my teeth religiously, I make myself a cup of coffee and walk outside into the cool autumn morning. Grey clouds hang over the vicinity like a dark blanket and crows fill the sky. I turned my brain off, I know why I was getting sick every morning, but I prayed for it not to be true.

Soon the pressure I was outing on myself was making me so nervous I flew into town to get a pregnancy test.

"Adam, we need to talk."

Phoenix's P.O.V

"So, Phoenix," Mariana speaks in a sultry voice as her fingers light brush up and down my arm. "You've come back to us." She looks at me under her brows and bites her lip playfully.

"Yes, Lucinda saved me." I say staring her dead in the eye. I wasn't going to give the White Queen any of my affection, all of that is saved for my Queen.

"Ah yes, Alkaia." Her face freezes over in a cold expression as she spits out Lucinda's goddess-given name. "It looks like you two are an item." She says twirling a strand of her long blond hair.

"Yes, she is my girlfriend," We've never actually talked about it, but I think that's what we are.

"I can change that." She mutters under her breath as she stands from the small, round white table we're having tea at.

"How does it feel to be an Angel again?" She smiles at me with seduction written across her face like a map.

"I am no Angel, Mariana." I stand as well and glare at her.

"Then what are you?" she scoffs and manoeuvres her body passionately around the table. Mariana never got over it when I dumped her ass for the shining goddess that was Sarah Nightingale. She still thinks I pine for her on some level.

"I don't know, but my wings are golden, not white." If wings assess your species then Lucinda and I are neither Demon nor Angel.

"Your heart is still pure." She's standing in front of me looking small and young but I can feel her powerful water element fill the room. That's why we were together, I like powerful women. Like Sarah and Lucinda. Her fingers graze their way down my cheek and around my neck into the back of my hair. Mariana's bright chestnut eyes slit into a controlled desire as she pulls me down to meet her lips.