Greeting dudes and dudettes, Gemstone13 here with a new story-slash-artical called... *drumroll*... "Lunatic Weekly"! A new article-slash-chapter every week! With all things loony! Anyhoo... You can scroll down now. P.S. My POV P.P.S DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY!

Issue #1- the IN and OUT list with advice!

I ran back and forth trying to pick up the pens I kept dropping. Characters from all my FictionPress. Net stories were typing, sipping coffees, and exchanging news with each other in their cubicles. "Hey, Gemstone13! I got a new IN and OUT for ya!" said Eddy from "a war of pranks". "Shoot." I responded. "Okay, IN: Clown suits, OUT: Buissness suits." said Eddy. I tried to pass him a pen, but my arms were full with notebooks, my cappicino (I literally do love cappicino!), and a binder with ideas I'm supposed to drop off in Lola Smith's (Aloha! story) cubicle. "Write that down for me." was my response. "Where is your sister, Marcus (Popular)?" I asked him. He pointed over his shoulder where Mari was trying to print pictures of "Awesome Face". A different one for each issue of Lunatic Weekly. "Mari!" She whipped around. "Here's those extra pens and that binder for Lola and silver binder is for Detective Jones from The Missing TV remote." Mari nodded, took the binders and pens and walked off towards Lola. I stopped Seth (he isn't in any of my stories, he's just a character for Luntatic Weekly) in his tracks. "Do you have the horoscopes?" He nodded, he couldn't speak because he was eating jalapeno nachos. "Hand them over please and I'll give them to Roger (Aloha!)." He put his nachos down and handed me a piece of paper with zodiac signs and horoscopes. "Cool. Oh, and water is over there." I said as Seth started frantically fanning his mouth. I went to my office sipping my cappicino and instanly stopped at the sight of notebooks, binders and pictures scattered across my desk. I sighed and shook my head.

Phew! Fourty-eight minutes later everything is published and organized. For now anyways.

Todays IN and OUT list! By Edward Kingsley, Joanna Kingsley and Stella Hail (Popular)

Clown Suits
The color yellow
Obsession with how your curtains move suddenly and claiming your house is haunted.
Watching old shows and saying you LOVE them but keep dissing the show.
Walter the Chipmunk

Business suits
Plain coffee with creamer
The color brown (get it?)
Obsesson with how the toilet flushes and saying that "them sewage 'gators are gonna get the surprise of thurr lives"
Watching Twilight saying how SEXY Jacob is but keep dissing him like last months Lunatic
Alvin and the chipmunks

Hey guys, Fawn and Felix (just characters for Lunatic Weekly) here with advice!
Todays topic: What you should avoid on tuesdays (Fawn) Okay, it isn't just Friday the 13th that's unlucky, the weekdays are unlucky too! ESPECIALLY tuesday. So here's advice on what you should avoid:
Your dog (they bring more bad luck than your cat)
Toothpaste (Felix) The TV remote (it may lead to Detective Jones kickin' down your door)
The TV (TVs tell lies, like when Barney says he loves you, but he's actually plotting your death! With hugs!)
Seventeen Magazne (just because we're cooler)
and last but not least, never say the name "Rebecca Black", people will hunt you down!
(Felix and Fawn) And that's all with "Felix and Fawn's quesos!"

Are you tired of you friends saying you need to pluck or shave? Well try "Shuddup and Be gone"! Throw one Twilight\1D dolls at your friends and that'll keep them busy while you make your getaway!
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Ah, too late!

Note from Gemstone13,
People are always asking me "Umm... Are you okay?" and "Yeah, sure... I'm leaving now" and I always respond with "Why yes I am the author of LW and all the stories under my user name!" But I never get a reply :D - Your loony Fiction Buddy, Gemstone13

Mushy talk:
Sup, Marcus Rider from a story all about my sister here!
I'm being forced to talk to about dating.

Q: Ruby Lark, age 14, Brooklyn, NY Hi, Marcus. I'm seriously in love with this guy but he's going out with Stella Hail, what should I do?

A: Stella Hail,

Marcus: well, that's all for today. See ya!

Can we do this later? I mean, all other magazines have horoscopes, go find one!

Wow... Best story-slash-article evah! Wait till Coral see- "BAD KITTY! DON'T BRING THAT TANK IN HERE!" BOOOOOM!