All of us have to try.

At least that's what people told me.

It can be awfully hard to persevere

When I just keep on failing.

Life is not a game, Life is not a joke.

I know that already.

It's hard to stop reminding myself of all my mistakes

Even though I know it's better to put it all behind me.

They told me I was supposed to fight,

But I don't know what I'm fighting against.

Sometimes it's just easier to give up,

Even though I swear I won't back down.

When the times get tough, I must try to fight.

For if I give up I will have lived for nothing.

I strive to make the future remember my name.

I will not wait for others to act on my problems.

We can and we should help each other.

There's such awful things surrounding us in our lives.

Will you have the strength to stand up to them?

Step up and make the world a better place.