Pole to pole,

East to West,

Heart to heart,

Where shall we part?

We're in a void,

Known as life

Where each step

Can send off knives.

We cannot predict

Can only brave,

The problems we may face

Each and every day.

In this void

We are several,

Divided off

By our levels.

We are the Bermuda,

Confusing and misleading,

And inside we are always bleeding.

We face these struggles

And bring down our walls

Only to find

The hollowness inside.

To fill the emptiness

Is only a thought,

What is real

Are the battles we have fought.

We are ruthless,

Gnawing at others,

We cannot come together

For we are "better."

We say we love,

But not symbolized like a dove.

Hate is our friend

And together we make amends.